Death guardian of ottobrunn: after “aktenzeichen xy…unrelieved” eight new clues

death guardian of ottobrunn: after

A police spokesman said on thursday that it was not yet possible to say anything about the quality of the information provided by the bystanders. "But we are grateful for every tip."

Auxiliary caregiver in custody: 84-year-old man in kitzingen also allegedly victimized

36-year-old caregiver in custody for allegedly killing 87-year-old patient with insulin in ottobrunn near munich. Also an 84-year-old man in the district of kitzingen is said to have been a victim of him. In the course of a public search, investigators have been looking since the beginning of march for further suspected victims and places of employment of the assistant caretaker from poland.

More than 20 locations nationwide have been located with the help of the public, according to the police. Investigators know of a total of 57 places of employment throughout the country so far. Munich prosecutor's office investigates five cases on suspicion of attempted murder. In 15 cases, the detainee is accused of theft.