Eltmann wants to have the special area elt-auen

Eltmann wants to have the special area elt-auen

The eltmann town council met for its last working session of the year on monday evening at the town hall. In the public part of the meeting, the committee dealt with the comments on the development plan for the special ELT meadows area. In order to reach a consensus with the neighboring community of ebelsbach, a joint meeting of the two bodies is being sought for january 2014.

A conflict between the neighboring municipalities of eltmann and ebelsbach has been smoldering for months now. Eltmann wants to locate two markets on the site of a former crate factory ("elt-auen"), which lies halay between the towns of eltmann and ebelsbach in the middle of the main valley. The company "edeka and "aldi with a combined sales area of about 2500 square meters are apparently interested. "Edeka" came new "aldi" left its previous location in ebelsbach and moved to eltmann in the area "elt-auen go.

The two projects have provoked the displeasure of the ebelsbach community. Eltmann is drawing purchasing power away from ebelsbach and endangering the existence of businesses in ebelsbach, was the accusation from this side of the mains, from ebelsbach.
A few weeks ago the return carriage came from the town hall in eltmann. The city council unanimously rejected the ebelsbach plans for the establishment of three markets on the site "bahnhofstrabe/former baywa-gelande" from. Ebelsbach, however, is sticking to its plans.

Back to the eltmann city council meeting on monday: the municipality of ebelsbach has a negative opinion on the "elt-auen" submitted. In these, reference is made to the flood area. If the land is filled without flooding, the council fears that the ebelsbach will back up into the village. Another argument is the isolated location of the property, one kilometer outside the edge of the town of eltmann.

On the other hand, a market would be located only 100 meters from the ebelsbach development boundary, but there would be sufficient shopping opportunities in ebelsbach. Other comments also refer to the flood zone and the need for retention areas. The ebelsbach statement also mentions possible contaminated sites, both from blind gangways from the second world war and from mull deposits. The owners of neighboring properties also fear that the construction and filling of the land will aggravate the flood situation on their own flat areas.

In its comments, the city of eltmann explains that extensive expert opinions have been commissioned. The building site is to be filled free of flooding, what compensation is necessary for this is being examined, as is the burdening of the land by any contaminated sites, argues eltmann. According to eltmann, a retail trade survey has already been completed. This proves that the situation in ebelsbach is no worse than it was before the closure of two markets in eltmann. According to the expert report, there would also be no disadvantages for the businesses in the city center of eltmann, which had been pointed out by the chamber of handicrafts. Since they continue to serve the eltmann population, the new market is not a significant competitor.

Because the community of ebelsbach again objected to this statement and the entire process could easily be delayed by one or two years, second mayor hans-georg hafner (SPD) suggested that the arguments be exchanged in a joint meeting of the city and town councils. City council members peter kremer and ulli pfuhlmann see this as the right signal. Mayor michael ziegler (CSU) explained that he had always tried to reach a good agreement, but that the previous discussions had not led to an agreement. Eltmann, however, does not want a deterioration of the climate with the neighboring municipality, since they cooperate well on many levels. Among other things, eltmann and ebelsbach form a joint wastewater association.

The city council decided to accept the submitted comments on the objections to the development plan. In addition, mayor michael ziegler will try to arrange a joint meeting with ebelsbach in january.