Ex-islamist leader sven l. Comes free on custody

ex-islamist leader sven l. Comes free on custody

The former salafist preacher and convicted terrorist aide sven L. Has served two-thirds of his prison sentence and is released on probation.

The senate in charge assumes that the 38-year-old will not commit any more crimes, a spokesman for the dusseldorf higher regional court said on thursday. From its former radical islamic stance, L. Clearly distanced.

When L. The court did not say whether the soldier would be released. The former firefighter from monchengladbach was sentenced to five and a half years in prison as an aide to terrorism in july 2017. The federal supreme court later confirmed the verdict.

L. Had, according to the court, supported the islamist terrorist group jamwa and provided islamists as fighters. The group had later largely joined the terrorist militia islamic state (IS). An islamist convicted as a terrorist had testified in the trial of L. Said to have been a "welcome guest" in the ranks of the jamwa in syria.

The term of early release is five years, according to the court. In this time must L. Fulfilling strict requirements. Among them were the determination of his place of residence, contact and residence bans, and participation in the exit program for islamists. Keeping in touch with his preservationist. The decision is already legally binding, the attorney general has waived his right to appeal.

"In our constitutional state, everyone has the right to a second chance," said NRW interior minister herbert reul (CDU). Experts of the exit program for islamists had come to the conclusion that L. Wanting to permanently disengage from the scene. After his release, the security services will "not lose sight of him and will closely accompany him," reul emphasized. "If it turns out he’s not serious, he’ll be back in no time at all."

Only recently had L. Had to testify as a witness in a trial against a well-known man who had confessed to having acted on behalf of sven L. Having paid for night vision goggles. A further witness appearance is scheduled for L. In wuppertal before. There, on monday, the new edition around the machinations of the so-called "sharia police" begins. In this context was also against L. The alleged initiator has been identified.

The "sharia police" had paraded through wuppertal five years ago and caused a sensation throughout the country. The case against L. However, the proceedings that had been conducted had been separated and discontinued in view of the more serious charges of aiding and abetting terrorism at the time. According to its own statements, before deciding on the release, the higher regional court obtained statements from, among others, the correctional facility, the exit program for islamists and an expert witness. L. Together with pierre vogel, he was one of the best-known figures on radical islam in germany.