Foundation helps families in need

Foundation helps families in need

Marion kruger-hundrup a family of nine lives in a four-and-a-half-room apartment. After the eldest daughter has become a mother herself, the extended family is looking for a suitable place to stay. "But they are the first to be eliminated by landlords when they come to look at apartments, laments ute bohm from the social counseling center of the caritasverband furth. "Extremely deteriorated" the situation of the cursed in the search for housing has also changed: "this is a huge problem, because the attitude of the population has changed drastically."

Attentively listens to archbishop ludwig schick, takes notes. Additional advisors from caritas in the archdiocese of bamberg provide further information on the precarious situation of families with several children. The main reason for this meeting between the archbishop and caritas was almost forgotten: the presentation of 30,500 euros from ludwig schick’s family foundation "kinderreich", working with caritas. At the end of the expert discussion, diocesan caritas director helmar fexer accepts the symbolic check: "the seed family foundation and the basic mission of caritas, to be close to people in need, go together", says fexer.

A total of 31 applications for individual assistance of 25,250 euros were approved, and 5,250 euros were awarded as a grant to two caritas projects in coburg and erlangen. "I look at every application myself because I want to know how people with many children feel when state measures are not effective", emphasizes chic.

The archbishop wants to use his foundation to "lobby for families" giving a voice to those who have to live with social reservations and financial risks. "Families with many children are happy families, and of course not all of them have problems", female schick, who grew up with 30 cousins himself. But it is the clientele of the caritas counseling centers that is the focus of this afternoon in the house of the caritas association.

From "multi-problem families says verena zepter from the social counseling service of caritas erlangen. Their colleagues report the stresses of illness, job loss – and a lack of affordable housing. Caritas professionals call for a "learning and thinking initiative": flat-covering housing stockpiles and local roundtables to address the issue.

The archbishop assures the caritas representatives that he will contact the parish priests in the archdiocese and ask them, for example, to sensitize senior citizens’ clubs to the issue of housing. Because many old people live alone in rough apartments. The keyword "housing exchange fell: "singles could exchange their coarse apartment for a smaller one and get concrete support from caritas", is a suggestion.

Suitable for "nikolaus caritas advisor klaus will hands over a handwritten letter to the archbishop. Schick is visibly touched as he reads it aloud. A single mother of five children expresses her heartfelt thanks to archbishop schick for funding a washer-dryer from his family foundation. "In winter it is difficult to dry the many washes in the air", it says in the letter.