Muslim brotherhood protest continues

Muslim Brotherhood protest continues

Mohammed badie, his deputy chairat al-shater and four other leading cadres of the islamist organization are to stand trial in a cairo court on sunday on charges of inciting violence against demonstrators.

The newspaper "al-masry al-youm" reported on saturday that badie refused to answer during an interrogation at the tora prison, declaring that he did not recognize the institutions of the "putschists". He also shouted: "you killed my son and rounded up my house, what else do you want from me??"

The trial of ex-president husni mubarak will also continue on sunday. Mubarak, who was forced to resign by the army in february 2011 after days of protests, is on trial for his part in the killing of more than 800 demonstrators. He was released from custody last thursday and taken to a military hospital. The 85-year-old is under arrest there.

Meanwhile, the police continued their campaign against leading members of the brotherhood. According to security sources, former member of parliament ahmed said al-saghir was among those arrested in upper egypt.

The muslim brothers and their allies want to continue their protests anyway. The so-called alliance for the support of legitimacy called on its supporters on saturday to continue demonstrating for the return of president mohammed mursi.

On friday, violent clashes with political opponents occurred during islamist protest marches in several provinces, leaving two mursi supporters dead and dozens injured. Unlike previous actions of the movement, this time only a few thousand demonstrators took to the streets.

The army had assassinated the democratically elected president mursi on 3. July deposed after mass protests by political opponents of the islamists. He is now in custody.

In the town of sheikh suwaid in the north of the sinai peninsula, members of the police and army engaged in a battle with suspected islamist militants, according to eyewitnesses. Four "jihadists" were killed and six suspects arrested in the incident. Unknown persons opened fire on an army checkpoint on the road between suez and ismailija. According to state television, one soldier was taken to hospital with gunshot wounds.