New applications exceed upper limit in “maro

New applications exceed upper limit in

A flood of applications for the construction of free-standing photovoltaic systems, eight in all, were presented to the maroldsweisach market town council for discussion on monday evening in hartlebsaal. Karl kutzner from the planning office strunz and the head of the building department andre gruner gave explanations.

Mayor wolfram thein (SPD) began by saying that there would probably be no decision on this matter today. The council should first be fully informed about the applications received. Thein explained that the maximum limits of such plants are already established by resolution of the municipal council. According to this, only five percent of the arable land in the entire municipality may be planted with plants and 15 percent in the individual villages. "We wanted maximum transparency in this matter. There will therefore also be information events, and at some point the municipal council will have to make a decision on the applications", said the mayor.

Andre gruner, the head of the construction office of the market town, showed the council a general overview of the already existing and the requested facilities on the basis of a sketch. "According to the decisions taken, 142.88 hectares of arable land in the municipality could be covered with installations", he said.

Karl kutzner presented the requested photovoltaic systems in detail. He addressed whether the locations were suitable, partially suitable or rather unsuitable. At a site in allertshausen, the planner saw no negative points. The planned plant in the eckartshausen district is located close to the settlement area, he described. For the plant in the area of wasmuthhausen is not expected to be grossly affected. In hafenpreppach, the planned facility is again closer to the settlement. The planned plant in the area of gut saarhof would be a rough flat with an expected high glare effect. From the topography, the plant in the guckelhirn area would be suitable. Near marbach, the site is located in a basin and is only partially visible from marbach. Partly it was good, partly it was not so good. At gresselgrund, the expert says the planned flat is suitable overall.

According to the words of the mayor and andre gruner, the planned flat areas have the following rough: allertshausen 37.8 hectares, of which 17.3 hectares are already in place since 2019. In eckartshausen, the flat area is 24.3 hectares, in wasmuthhausen 7.8 hectares and in hafenpreppach 15.6 hectares. The flat area in grobsaarhof is relatively coarse at 38.2 hectares. In guckelhirn it amounts to 15.5 hectares, in marbach 22.9 hectares and in gresselgrund 14.4 hectares.

As mayor thein explained, 36.1 hectares of free-standing photovoltaic systems have already been built in the municipality and 17.3 hectares have already been approved for installation. The permissible 15 percent for local areas was exceeded with the planned plants in allertshausen and marbach. If all the plants applied for were approved, the new applications, which totaled 159.2 hectares in the municipality, exceeded the specified limits by 69.72 hectares. "So far, our decisions regarding the upper limits apply", said mayor wolfram thein. This will probably have to be discussed several more times in the municipal council.

To the 1. June 2020 was hired as the new business manager armin bogendorfer in the municipality. He was appointed as another registrar.

The result of the public participation for the modification of the development plan "birkenfelder weg" was announced in maroldsweisach. "18 stakeholders were contacted, 13 responded", said andre gruner. Minor changes or additions are to be incorporated into the planning.