Noodle party at the kindergarten

Noodle party at the kindergarten

Kiwanis member anka lubiato conjured up the longest pasta snake in kulmbach from her new pasta machine – and the 23 preschoolers at the blaicher kindergarten were amazed.

They formed a circle in the shape of a heart, expectantly receiving the product that the machine "spit out" in front of them and took care that nothing broke off.

Pasta machine

Help was provided by a kiwanis team from kulmbach, with its president sigrid daum at the helm. Kiwanis member anka lubiato, head of alla-rustica, had the idea. She knows that many children are particularly fond of pasta. So she packed the heart of her host home, her new pasta machine with various starters, lots of durum wheat semolina, spelt and rye flour, eggs and other ingredients, and took her two sons samuel and daniel with her for reinforcement.

Kindergarten director katrin hammer was delighted with the action of the kulmbach service club: "here, the children are shown how pasta is made before it ends up on the supermarket shelf or in the freezer." For the demonstration of the variety anka lubiato had already brought along ready spaghetti, tortellini, rigatoni and ribbon noodles.

One kilogram of flour and ten eggs were kneaded in the machine. After five minutes, anka lubiato took from it plates of pasta, which are usually used to make lasagna. The raw dough landed on the three waiting tables and was topped with a prepared filling of ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan cheese and a second layer of pasta as a cover by the already impatiently waiting children, who then cut it out into ravioli with the appropriate tools.

Anton was particularly eager to get down to business. The question of the cameraman about his favorite noodles he countered with his answer "tortellini" with the counter-question "are we going to be on tv now??", to immediately turn to his table mates: "i think we’re being framed."

With enthusiasm

The lunch in the kindergarten tasted particularly good to the children, who all participated with enthusiasm this time. If there is interest, the kiwanis club wants to repeat this action at other kindergartens, according to their motto: "kiwanis has a heart for children"."

The kiwanis club is a worldwide organization which, according to its own statements, is committed to the well-being of the community, especially children.