Opposition seeks a candidate

On friday, a corresponding advertisement appeared in the bavarian state gazette. In the publication's job market, a "high-caliber candidate for mayor (m/f)" is being advertised looking for someone who "can build bridges in a non-partisan way and who has the appropriate competence in the administrative area".

Finding top candidates
City councilor markus muller (forum aktiv) emphasizes that it is a cross-party initiative. The search for candidates via advertisements has already been successfully practiced elsewhere and in the region. It showed up again and again that on this way quite genuine talents are discovered. But the advertisement in the state gazette is only one option; forum aktiv also wants to speak out. "We want to find a top candidate", muller emphasizes. That is the goal. First calls to the ad he had already received on the day of publication, 3. May, received.That's all muller can say at the moment.
Forum aktiv chairwoman rita schmitt stresses the importance of finding a suitable opposing candidate. She herself had considered running for office "but I can't do it for health reasons", she said on friday. In any case, she is convinced that even a mayor who does not come from the city can learn the ropes quickly and well.

Others do the same
The chairman of the free voters, city councilor bruno schafer, sees in the search for candidates via advertisement a possibility to find a common candidate, after no other candidates from their own ranks have emerged so far. Schafer also says that similar procedures have been followed in other towns and refers to bad kissingen and the CSU. SPD city councilor britta bildhauer buries the initiative because she believes it is important to have an opposing candidate in the 2014 mayoral election. She finds it interesting to look for a candidate outside the office as well."Maybe this one can give new impulses". For her, in any case, it is exciting to see how the reactions to this advertisement will be.
The first reactions from the opposite side are on friday in any case already arrived. Klaus schebler (windheim) announced "new ways" for the electoral list that they will support mayor helmut blank in his candidacy, because scheblers opinion, already a "high-carat mayor is in office".