Redevelopment of the munnerstadter stenayer platz begins

redevelopment of the munnerstadter stenayer platz begins

After speaking with the redevelopment officer, dag schroder, informed 2. Mayor norbert reiter (CSU) on the further progress of the work.

This year, the first thing that will be done is to renew the water and sewer connections to the house. This does not affect all residents, those affected have already been informed. The canals are laid up to the property line, the water up to the zahlerbugel. The work is done in coordination with the monument authorities. If there are archaeological finds, there could be delays.

Over winter only gravelled
The house connections are gradually being laid, currently in the lower part of gymnasiumstrabe. So the traffic can avoid over the klostergasse. In the meantime, however, obstructions are to be expected. After the laying of the house connections the torn up places are only gravelled, until next year after the winter break the surface design begins. "Everything should be ready by october next year", says norbert reiter.

During the inspection, he noticed that the adjacent area of hennebergstrabe (from marktplatz to gymnasiumstrabe) visually matches stenayer platz. That's why the sidewalks there should be repaired as soon as possible, including a walkway for wheelchairs. He has learned from dag schroder that this is not possible in the current package. Norbert reiter would like to include it in the 2014 budget. The costs are estimated at 60 000 to 100 000 euros, with one possible demand.