The man dares something: volker and the fat woman

The man dares something: volker and the fat woman

Pure female power on friday evening in the town hall. Two and a half hours of cabaret, comedy and art – presented by three divas: lizzy aumeier, who exaggerates everyday problems and provokes laughter at herself and others; lisa fitz, who uses political cabaret to put the laughs right back in your mouth; and sissi perlinger, who elevates the calamities of life to a theatrical-musical art form.

"The program is not hostile to men, it is called funny", says perlinger. She wants to prevent possible disgruntlement because of side blows to the world of men.

The hero of the evening – or: close combat on the stage

Aumeier is about the close fight between man and woman and the close fight with oneself. First she jerks the content of her bust size into place before asking the audience if she is fat – which she "of course is not is. She provokes this answer with threatening facial expressions. "Say something nice to the fat woman, and she’ll leave you alone", volker matysiak may have thought to himself. He will have to pay for it later. The third burgermeister from kupferberg – a musician ("the three") with stage experience himself – has to perform a sequence from the film "titanic" with her playing: the love scene at the front of the tanker. What the hero of the evening succeeds in doing quite brilliantly.

And aumeier lectures: "one gets more body parts in old age" and plays with its huge upper arms. She is surprised that so many "prepare themselves from the age of 50 to die as healthily as possible" – with salad and sports. "But please not with jogging. It looks like dying with a start."

Finally aumeier turns to her double bass. Her trademark: well-built on top, a bit more voluminous on the bottom – of course only for the sake of better resonance. Her one-woman-accompanying-orchestra is imported from russia. "Better a fat boss than a meager salary" – this is how svetlana klimova let herself be lured from neo-capitalist russia to the old-capitalist west. A win for the music world.

Fitz: USA completely broke

And there’s another russian who’s got it: "olga", smartly dressed up, she wears high heels even in siberia when it is freezing cold and bristles with self-confidence ("i shot the dead sea"). Lisa fitz brings political cabaret to the stage with this artistic figure. The alternative truth to the propaganda that the USA wants to spread democracy everywhere to heal the world. The USA is only jealous of russia’s geostrategic position and is completely broke. That’s how many bonds china has from the u.S.

"Olga" also taunts the CSU, which is particularly strong in old bavaria. There’s only half a social democrat there. He resists the superiority and in his last hour he wants to join the CSU "so that one of them dies" and no soci.

Perlinger, the stage shaman

Sissi perlinger, on the other hand, plays theater and changes roles and costumes with practical ease. She is a cabaret artist and musician, but also a stage shaman. With a full-body mask she gracefully flits across the stage as a butterfly and slyly talks about life. She pairs her word acrobatics with top class singing (she has a trained voice over three and a half octaves).

With bizarre characters she makes fun of the aging society ("u 80") and reports that in the old people’s home now light viagra "viagrette", is spent – not for the original purpose, but that the old men can’t roll out of bed. And she’s looking to the future – when IKEA will have coffins that you can assemble yourself.