1. Place in “landfrauen machen schule” for ebersdorf elementary school students

1. place in 'landfrauen machen schule' for ebersdorf elementary school students

After a particularly exciting day, the students of the 2b class of the ebersdorf elementary school got creative: on a farm in neuses an den eichen, they participated in the kick-off of the bavarian-wide campaign "landfrauen machen schule" ("countrywomen go to school") they experienced firsthand where food comes from and then put their impressions on paper in a rough, colorful collage. The elementary school students put a lot of photos, figures and even grains of grain on the poster – and the result is something to behold. The bavarian state association of countrywomen agreed and rewarded the 2b students for their extraordinary commitment. The elementary school students take the 1st place with their collage. The winners of the bavaria-wide competition for the landwomen’s campaign received a mug and a cd on which modern agriculture is explained in a playful manner.

Heidi bauersachs, the district farmer of the coburg countrywomen, is also proud of the achievements of the ebersdorf elementary school students. "You can really see the connection to the farm and how eventful the day was for the children", praised them at the award ceremony. The start of the bavaria-wide campaign was certainly exciting. "Finally, the event was filmed for television and the children were able to meet the bavarian milk queen", she said.

Not the first 1. Prize

Gabriele meisner, head of the 2b class, did a great job of visualizing all these impressions with the children afterwards. "She worked through the day with them very well and immortalized their thoughts on the poster.", said heidi bauersachs. It was not the first time that the 1. The first prize in the poster competition goes to a school in the coburg district. "The coburg schoolchildren are always very hardworking and eager to do their work", she emphasized. The aim of the action is to bring the children closer to today’s production conditions in agriculture. "The schoolchildren should take away a lasting impression of modern agriculture", she explained. And because it worked so well for the 2b schoolchildren, the district association of countrywomen donated two scoops of ice cream to each of the children.

The children were visibly pleased that they liked their collage: when they learned that they had won, they threw their arms up in the air and cheered loudly. Seven-year-old josef and the two eight-year-old pupils anton and josias were also all smiles. They still remember the day on the farm very clearly. "It was right and we experienced a lot", paid josias. He said he enjoyed it most when the cows were in the milking parlor. "But we also learned where the milk is taken by milk truck and how the barn is mucked out," said heidi bauersachs, paid josias. "The manure from the cows is pushed away by machines", josef added. The whole day was very enjoyable for him. "But my favorite part was when the cows were herded into the barn and we were sprayed with the milk from the cows while they were milking", he said. "If you opened your mouth, you could taste the milk right away", anton said laughing. He also enjoyed this part the most. "And I really liked it that we took a closer look at the milk truck", he told. The three of them worked hard on the collage. "I glued, painted and cut", reported josias. Josef worked with wooden sticks. "And i brought corn and grain kernels from home, which we then glued on", anton shared.