190 Decisive seconds

190 Decisive seconds

With the order "group of the voluntary fire department stadtsteinach lined up for the performance test" the water performance test for the two groups of the stadtsteinach fire department began on saturday. The task was to completely set up a firefighting attack within a time limit of 190 seconds. From the traffic safety over the start-up of the hydrant for the water supply of the own fire engine up to the construction of altogether three fire lines every hand movement had to be correct, nevertheless, one wanted to emerge in the fight against the stop watch of the referees as a winner.

For the second task, the so-called suction hose coupling, in which with the coarse fire hoses (inner diameter 11 centimeters) a suction line between the vehicle and an imaginary water had to be established, the group was allowed to take only 100 seconds.

A total of ten active firefighters took part in the performance test, including three female firefighters, who were in no way inferior to their male colleagues in the exercises. Before the two main tasks, the candidates had to prove that they had mastered their basic knowledge of firefighting. It was necessary to tie the required knots and to know where the requested items of equipment are located in the loader vehicle.

The numerous practices of the past weeks now bore fruit, and commander manuel steinl was pleased to be able to present two well-prepared groups to the referees horst tempel and alexander reinsch as well as the timekeeper jurgen muller. Everything went like clockwork and everyone knew what they had to do. Some of the spectators who followed the hustle and bustle on the land of the fire station were also able to convince themselves of this.

After about an hour per group it was done, and the judges announced: "performance test passed." All participants were very happy when the result was announced. Both groups passed with outstanding performance.

Passing the performance badge is not a matter of course. The many days of training demand a lot of free time from the volunteers. In addition, as a prerequisite for the performance badge, training courses are also required, which in turn cost time. It is all the more gratifying that the stadtsteinach fire department takes the badge every year. This is already a matter of course, especially for the younger members of the fire brigade.

Commander manuel steinl and the first chairman of the fire brigade jorg geyer congratulated their comrades and were pleased about the renewed proof of the operational readiness of the stadtsteinach fire brigade. Mayor roland wolfrum and second mayor franz schrepfer were both pleased that two young groups had again passed their badges with such great success.

The successful graduates

Alexander graf, jonas griesenbrock, franziska jungkuntz and adrian schramm received the bronze achievement badge. The silver badge was presented to franziska schubler and hannes dollhopf. The gold-blue level was awarded to markus hempfling. Daniel hoch and manuel steinl earned the badge in gold-grun. The highest step was reached by carmen reuther.