Contemplative moments with modern composers in the st. St. George’s church

Contemplative moments with modern composers in the st. St. George's Church

By our contributor johanna blum

hochstadt – gabriel konjaev, wolfgang forst, katharina heilmann and reinhard doring provided moments of calm and contemplation in the middle of the old town festival bustle in the cool st. St. George’s church in hochstadt. Since 1997, this organ concert has been a permanent fixture on the sundays of the old town festival at 5 p.M.
This time it had a special meaning: it was a belated birthday present of the hochstadt organist team for dean kilian kemmer.

From bach to eben

Therefore, wolfgang forst, in the name of all organists, buried both the dean and his high guest cardinal brandmuller from rome, who is currently undergoing rehab in erlangen, as well as the numerous audience that appeared. "The program we have put together – from bach (1685-1750) to petr eben (1929-2007) – is a symbol that the church stands on tradition, but is open to the present and the future", so forst. The organists had chosen – apart from johann sebastian bach – only modern and contemporary composers.

Wise organ sounded

The 53 year old weise organ from plattling was played and gabriel konjaev started the concert with praludium and fugue in a minor by johanna sebastian bach and ended the musical late afternoon with the "moto ostinato" from the sunday music by petr eben, a contemporary work. Reinhard doring brought a "tango a modo bossanova" to the table by guy bovet momentum in the house of worship. This was a tribute to fellow organist bernhard schofer, who is currently in south america.
Also johannes forst is in holland at the moment and reinhard mattes dug from italy. They were happy to participate in the birthday present for their dean. Exciting and very good to hear was also the "toccata in C", a composition by wolfgang forst, based on an idea by louis lefebure-wely. Katharina heilmann, the youngest of the organist cloverleaf, loves a "nun danket alle gott" (now give thanks to all god) by sigfrid karg-elert (1877-1933) – a majestic piece, and if you listened carefully, you would recognize the theme melody. An "andantino for organ by cesar franck (1822-1890), performed by wolfgang forst and "litanies" by jehan alain (1911-1940) with reinhard doring at the organ, rounded off the impressive program.

Appealing music

Rudolf kiebling from hochstadt, a native of adelsdorf, has been one of the dedicated organist in adelsdorf, swarmed by the appealing music. "I didn’t know any of the works except for bach, but the modern pieces were wonderful to listen to. They were played virtuously and all the organists deserve great praise!"
The organist team received enthusiastic applause from the more than 100 visitors at the end of the concert.
Kemmer thanked for the colorful bouquet of flowers "that is rooted with your different talents", but also for the faithful service of its organists in everyday life. "Church music is the medium to get close to god", he explained. He was also pleased to receive another gift – a cantata in honor of st. Hildegard, composed by the music paddagogue rudiger kaufmann. "Sure to be introduced in the near future." He proudly presented a check for 5300 euro, which is intended for nepal and has already been transferred to caritas.
The donations from the old town festival concert are intended for the upcoming renovation of the church.