Fast food is often the only option at lunchtime – is that healthy??

Fast food is often the only option at lunchtime - is that healthy??

Rene ziegler and andreas kaiser enjoy their currywurst. Piece by piece it wanders into your stomach. The small, wooden forks are constantly in motion, never at rest. And the two painters did not just. Kaiser packs two this time, ziegler even three. No rarity. The lunch break has to be used. "We'll have to go back to the construction site in a minute", declare in front of the imbissstube strobel and continue to dig into the sausage drunk with sobe. The fact that the two manner take food from home hardly ever happens. "It will be lotschy by noon after all. We always get something on the hand", says ziegler.

Quite different manuela schneider. Five minutes later she is standing at the snack bar ordering a portion of fries. An absolute exception. She usually cooks at home, makes sure she eats healthy food. "This is really something special for me. I eat it consciously now, even if it's unhealthy – but it simply tastes good", she is happy about her fast-food-portion.

And that's absolutely okay, according to anita behnke, a health advisor from bad kissingen: "everyone should get something, otherwise you'll become dissatisfied and the torture will become increasingly coarse." It's the quantity that counts. And the balance: "once or twice a week a currywurst or hamburger is fine, if you balance it out with healthy food and exercise"."

Behnke recommends planning exactly on which days we allow ourselves fast food and on which not. "Then you can enjoy it much more and reach for the wholemeal bread again the next day." So and so should take our time though. Finding a quiet place, away from the desk. Eating while walking is also not good at all. The body and mind are then not aware that food is being eaten, so there is no feeling of satiety – we automatically eat more. Behnke's advice is therefore to eat in peace: "don't do anything that could distract you massively, but just concentrate on the food."

Behnke attributes the fact that we are eating more and more on the go and out of hand primarily to the working environment: "work is becoming increasingly condensed, lunch breaks are shorter or are cancelled altogether."

Fast food cravings
Rene ziegler and andreas kaiser don't even let it get that far. They enjoyed their lunch break, next time perhaps with a bratwurst – but at least sitting down. And manuela schneider takes something from home the next time again. Until the desire for fries takes hold of you again.