Hammelburg’s ladies celebrate staying in the class

Hammelburg's ladies celebrate staying in the class

TV/DJK hammelburg – ASV veitsbronn 3:2 (25:23, 25:17, 10:25, 19:25, 15:9) – the start of this match was rather bumpy because of many reception errors. Only in the middle of the set did the team wake up, with christine fell and eva frank serving leaves. At 23:23, the lower franconians showed nerves of steel with the lob from fell and the block from melanie meder.

The second start was almost like a walk of the saaledamen. Service aces from christin heim, melanie meder and christine fell love veitsbronn to collapse with 10:20. "My girls have implemented the service strategy two and a half sets to one hundred percent", according to otter, who had previously analyzed the opponents’ weak points of assumption. After the 2:0 after the first set the concentration and the fighting spirit of his madels was gone. At times there was a lack of bite, while the team from central franconia made the most of their physical superiority at the net and scored points for their part with a series of serves. Two sets were quickly gone, with TV/DJK regaining their composure in time at the end of the fourth set.

Whoever expected the famous fight on the knife’s edge in the tie-break was disappointed by the saal ladies. From 3:3, heim and meder took over the reigns. While heim fired off dangerous statements, meder had a firm grip on the opponents in the block. At 9:3, a small preliminary decision could be traced. Veitsbronn was so out of it that there was hardly any danger from the opponent. Nevertheless, the guests fought off the threat of defeat energetically from 14:6 onwards, before the TV/DJK coach made a final fine-tuning to his team during a time-out. Finally, the last point was scored by britta lohneib, who played an excellent game in the eagle attack. And almost unintentionally. She just managed to get her defensive ball over the net, which finally fell into the field between the stunned guards of veitsbronn. "Class preservation achieved two days before the end of the season – what more could you want?, according to otter. Scd