Integration is above all about humanity

integration is above all about humanity

Because when they really come, they come: people like you and me. Their reception and integration is also in the hands of the burghers. It would be a challenge that can be mastered in a very simple way, in a human way.

Of course there will be problems. Suggest to dieter sauer of the district office habberge that interested parties who would like to give language courses should inquire with padagogues about suitable learning concepts.

A simple apple
If you want to teach someone what an apple is, just show them an apple. Even if there are 42 to 55 apple species in the world, the woman from the farthest corner of athiopia may still not know what an apple is, because she simply did not get to know any apples in her home village in the highlands. Practical hand and fub language teaching is a good concept, but the cultural background of the people seeking asylum here in germany and maybe soon in the district of habberge must not be forgotten.

Simple gestures
So how am i supposed to bury the father and his children from pakistan who will soon be playing fubball in the anlagenring? Perhaps with a friendly smile on his face and a nice gesture – simply human.

Ok, gestures can also be culturally very different. But a smile signals openness and can be a first step towards trust and interpersonal rapprochement.

Asylum seekers are also given vouchers so that they can go to the supermarket and buy food at their own convenience. What a step toward independence. Anyone who has ever traveled to a foreign culture and been to a supermarket there knows that an asian bazaar is in no way like lidl& co is similar. And then some of the asylum seekers are also illiterate. So when reading article descriptions and prices, it becomes difficult as well. And if the preparation on the spaghetti-fix-package is not in aramaic script, asylum seekers have to feed on unfamiliar apples and familiar bananas.

With a smile on their faces
Language or no language – asylum seekers should learn the german language. But at the beginning they need cultural human help to find their way in everyday life.

Let's take time and explain to people seeking asylum in our country what snow is… And have a smile on their face for every person on board. Then we also do something good for ourselves!