Pace for the iphof settlement

Sudetenstrabe in iphofen becomes a traffic-calmed zone. The city council’s building committee on monday evening approved the proposal of local residents, who had formed a working group and voted for such a zone by a majority.

The residents were primarily interested in slowing down the speed of cars. Crafty pace in the strait. Parking will only be allowed in designated areas, namely on the structurally demarcated multi-purpose lane that previously also served pedestrians. They were allowed to use the whole width of the road and enjoyed the same rights as motorists. The rule of mutual respect applies.

Mayor josef mend said the city had tried to solve the problem several times in recent years. But it always ended in a dead end. Now a large majority of residents are ready to go the way of the traffic-calmed zone. With this, the "most interests were satisfied".

The residents had discussed several proposals at a meeting at the end of september. "Our goal was to reduce the speed in the strabe," said gerald eras as spokesman for the working group. Cars often drive so fast that pedestrians are "driven off the road". Many young families with children are now living in iphofen’s oldest settlement again. However, it was also important to the residents that parking could continue on the multipurpose lane as before, and not be staggered on both sides of the road, as had been suggested in one of the proposals. "We have to get away from the idea that cars have priority everywhere," said city councilwoman peggy knauer, who fought for a similar regulation in the new hundlein development area years ago.