Storm covers roof of workshop in beutelsdorf

Storm covers roof of workshop in beutelsdorf

Storm niklas kept helpers and police on their toes on tuesday. At 9.30 o’clock the herzogenaurach fire department had to go to a storm damage in the hubertusstrabe in the district of beutelsdorf. Here the strong wind had completely covered the workshop roof of a carpenter’s workshop. The firefighters present had their work cut out for them securing the roof in the pouring rain and hurricane-force winds so that no further damage could be done.
What is still standing of the workshop is in danger of collapse due to the storm damage and is therefore more than in need of renovation, said owner gunter fischer. Some of the machines that were in the workshop were also affected by the rain. According to initial estimates, the damage amounts to several thousand euros. Fischer has not yet been able to put a figure on the exact amount of the loss.
Another victim of the storm was a hunting pulpit. This stood in a clearing below nankenhof. The wooden pulpit was dismantled into its individual parts and, according to werner mundl, the person authorized to hunt, has only a heating value. The damage here amounts to about 500 euros, since the pulpit was as good as new.

The hochstadt police had only a few calls for service because of fallen trees. No one was injured, the damage was limited.

Erlangen-stadt police department reports storm damage. A 64-year-old driver was driving along the weisendorf road in a southeasterly direction on monday when a tree suddenly fell in front of his vehicle on the road. Without being able to react, he drove over the tree trunk, causing considerable damage to the car. Fortunately, the driver did not suffer any injuries other than shock. The healthy tree was torn out of the ground along with its roots due to the strong gusts of wind.
The storm also triggered several police and fire department operations in erlangen on tuesday morning. Due to the strong gusts of wind, several trees and branches fell onto roads and carriageways, in some cases obstructing road users. No persons were injured. In one case, a parked car was damaged by a falling rough branch. A parked trailer was caught by the wind and flung against a parked car. In addition to a demolished advertising sign, a blown-down construction fence was also a victim of the storm.
The area of neue strabe/catholic church square in erlangen had to be temporarily closed because roof tiles fell from the church roof there. In addition, a sandstone cross of about two meters in size had broken off the church tower and was threatening to fall off. The cross was recovered with the help of a crane from the nurnberg fire department. This required a full closure of the new road in the area of the catholic church square. Traffic was diverted via the loschgestrabe during the recovery work.

Almost every minute, the officers of the police prasidium of central franconia were on the move. Numerous calls had been received there during the course of tuesday. In many cases, the incidents were minor and caused only minor damage.
Well over 350 incidents were reported to the operations center by around 3 p.M. There were trees sticking out into the roadways, blocking the roadway, or whirling parts such as roof tiles, trampolines or planes damaged vehicles. Mostly property damage. Only in a few cases did people suffer minor injuries.

A truck overturned on highway 3 shortly before the tennenlohe junction in the southbound direction due to strong winds. The debris spread across the entire lane of traffic and blocked the flow of traffic. Although the emergency lane was quickly reopened to traffic, there were considerable obstructions. At around 1 p.M., the salvage work was finally completed and the entire roadway in the direction of south was open to traffic again.

Police in neustadt/aisch reported minor storm damage. Some fallen trees blocked roads and also caused minor traffic accidents with property damage. Among other things, between oberniederndorf and mausdorf, the local fire department was called upon to remove a tree lying on the roadway. At around 10 a.M., federal highway 8 near emskirchen was blocked by a large fir tree that had fallen onto the road. A car driver was unable to stop in time and crashed into the obstacle. Traffic was backed up in both directions.
The damage caused to the parking lot of a supermarket in neustadt at around 9 a.M. Is estimated at around 2,000 euros. Here, the hurricane snatched the door of a 49-year-old woman driver’s car as she was getting out, causing her to crash violently into a car parked next to her. The same mishap happened to a 31-year-old woman in neustadt at around 11 a.M. Her car was also caught in a gust of wind and hit another car. In this case, the amount of damage is about 300 euros.
In burghaslach, the storm finally hit the church at around 12 p.M.30 o’clock a toilet house and threw it against a parked passenger car. This resulted in property damage of around 500 euros. There were no injuries. RK/red