The brauwerck in neudrossenfeld has opened

The brauwerck in neudrossenfeld has opened

"The staff has to get used to it first. That is why we have not made a rough opening, so that we are not overrun and can offer quality from the outset. It was important to us that it should not be chaotic at the beginning and that the visitors should not leave in a state of disappointment", says rainer schimpf. He is the spokesman for brauwerck AG, which is responsible for management.

But even without the big spectacle, the first weekend was well attended, he explains, and naturally hopes that the brauwerck will become established. Especially since a lot has been invested there. On the one hand from the AG, the shares in the value of 850.000 euros (piece price: 250 euros) spent, which around 850 people subscribed to.

On the other hand, a lot of public money has been invested in the holzel area with its many listed buildings. Located right next to the castle and church, the ensemble is "the soul of the village" for mayor dieter schaar (). And this joint stimulation by the public sector and the joint stock company is something "that doesn't happen very often. 7.5 million euros were incurred in construction, planning and financing costs, and about six million euros were received in receivable funds.

For mayor and brauwerck spokesman, it's money well spent on preserving and revitalizing a monument. With the great advantage that this monument – unlike many others – is open to the public every day from 11 a.M. To 11 p.M., emphasizes schimpf and adds: "without public funds, this could not have been done."

At the end of 2010, ground was broken for the renovation of the almost 4,000-square-meter holzzel site, which, in addition to the brewery inn and the brewery, includes a coarse beer garden for up to 500 people, a lime tree exhibition in the former stables and the ice house belong to the project. In the ice house there will be an information center about the region and tourism.

"90 percent of the total plant is finished", says rainer schimpf. Work on the pub and ice house was on its last legs, as was the brewery. The goal, he said, is to have the first beer brewed in the brewery on 1. April next year to be poured out. At present, the beer is still produced in a comparable brewery in neustadt/aisch.

The seidla for 2,50 euro
Initially, according to the words of schimpf, an output of 600 to 800 hectoliters per year is targeted. The half liter of beer costs 2,50 euro.

Naturally, there were some unexpected surprises during the renovation, admits schimpf. "Rotten wood, static problems … With a monument you have to expect everything. But we will keep the costs under control." The search for service personnel causes unexpected problems. You still need people there, says schimpf.

As parking spaces around the holzel area are not too abundant, he refers to the parking spaces near the school and around the town hall. "But this is a problem that every historic town center has."

Events are already planned: on 24. November is in the brauwerck a bluegrass concert and on 28. A musicians' regulars' table.

Bavarian television will broadcast the following on thursday, 14. November, live from the brauwerck (at 17.30 o'clock in the frankenschau and then in the evening show).