Thurnau makes art

Thurnau makes art

The premiere of the thurnau art and culture weeks "schwantastisch 2011 was a resounding success. BR spoke with art historian sandra bali about the continuation of the series, which will run from 8. Up to 24. June goes over the stage.

BR: the premiere lasted two weeks, the continuation lasts two weeks. Is there a lack of program points this time?

Sandra bali: no way, we already have a lot of ideas for 2013 that we couldn’t fit into this year’s event calendar due to scheduling reasons. The second "fantastic-series is shorter, but no less attractive. And with over 50 program points, includes as many as the premiere in 2011.

The revelation rises in the pottery museum. For a special reason?
Yes, because the museum is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. We hope that the opening of an exhibition of young artists from positano and an exhibition of all thurnau artists in the museum will be a great start.

What are the highlights of 2012?
It is difficult to single out one event from the wide range on offer. Among the highlights were certainly the schlossstheater performances by wolfgang krebs in the town hall courtyard on 16. And 17. June as well as the concert of the wagner tenor francis rodiere or the performance of the marcus kesselbauer quintet at the jazz concert in the carriage house on 24. June.

Many events are concentrated on the weekend this year.
We have paid attention to this, because people can take the time to visit exhibitions or even activities, especially on weekends.
The response in 2011 was huge. How many visitors do you expect this year??
It is difficult to give figures.We hope to make thurnau known again beyond the borders of the district as a place of art and culture. Our goal is to be fantastic" to be established in the long term as a counterpart to the christmas stuffing market, which always attracts thousands of visitors in december, in summer.