Tourism advertising once and today

Tourism advertising once and today

"Welcome to the valley of the french saale, to the world of hiking on the sunny side of the rhon river! You can escape the charm of vine-covered slopes, flowery meadows, crystal-clear brooks, secluded forests and castle-crowned heights?", it was written more than 30 years ago in the brochure "frankenweinstadt hammelburg". Sounds familiar? Yes and no.

"Many guests come for the wine. They are connoisseurs – like to taste, compare talk shop. Others are gourmets who appreciate above all the culinary side of viticulture. And still others discover in hammelburg that wine and its culture are more than just grape juice", it says today in the brochure "hammelburg – the oldest wine town of franconia". A comparison of the two brochures reveals what the city has made of itself over the past few years.

On the surface, everything has remained the same: landscape, winery castle, hikers and cyclists – the photos show the same motifs as always. Naturally, people are dressed differently. The cyclists wear helmets and functional clothing and not turtlenecks. The headphones of a walkman on the ear were nowadays also not the evidence of modernity.

"Everywhere you will discover evidence of an eventful past: silent crosses, smiling madonnas, chatting fountains, richly decorated half-timbered houses, and slumbering castles and palaces. At all! How about a stroll through the old town of hammelburg? In the shade of the pretty market fountain, under the battlements of the town hall gable, surrounded by venerable burgerhausers, it's a dream come true." A town like a railroad model landscape.

Oh, how cute, you might say and throw in a piece of sausage. No place that takes itself seriously and wants to be taken seriously would describe itself like this today. The language in the current issue is deflated. More realism characterizes the style. 30 years ago, there was no image for a city to fight over. That's why there was no image brochure, just a booklet from the tourist office.

What the "identity as a wine town" means to the city is described in today's publication. The image brochure, which was published about two years ago, is only one element of an extensive campaign with which the town is giving itself a fresh image. A new logo and a uniform appearance of all institutions are further attempts to bring the core of hammelburg to the point.

Where in the past "the smiling cellar master made his golden yellow, sparkling saalecker wine" today, the hammelburg winegrowers are talking about international wines. They market their wine in "architecturally sophisticated vinotheques" and in the "online trade.

The wine of the region does not have to hide anymore nowadays. It can keep up with the competition in other wine-growing regions. Hammelburg has caught up. The city presents itself as a place of pleasure around wine, which also includes sporting activities such as hiking, biking and canoeing.

Decades ago, active leisure time was only a secondary aspect in the closing paragraph "in case the calorie plan should get confused by hacker bread time, liver dumpling soup or french wedding dinner", today it occupies a much broader space. Several pages describe all kinds of activities.

The old brochure exudes self-indulgent tranquility, the new one wants to blend in with the competition as an emotional experience. Both booklets are thus a document of the spirit of their times. In a few years, the new edition will show what is currently paying then.