Under a good star: 40 years of the bookstore

under a good star: 40 years of the bookstore

Books have always fascinated marita trini. So it was no question for them to spontaneously take over the management of the obervolkach parish library at that time. In the meantime, she and a large team have been taking care of the bookshop for almost 20 years.

"Because alone it is no longer possible. After all, we have to sort, catalog and keep coming up with new ideas."The fact that marita trini had already activated a library in her former home country is now of great benefit to all involved.

The motto of the youngest action week "treffpunkt bibliothek" hits the mark, thinks trini. "The library keeps the horizon open". Because in a bookstore everyone can discover the globe anew. And so she is very pleased that the 40th anniversary of her birth is now upon us. Birthday can be celebrated.

Focus on youth literature

The bestsellers on the bookshelf? It’s hard to say, says trini, because the range is too broad, from crime and adventure novels to romance novels and historical books. With the children, too, there are sometimes horse books, sometimes vampire books and witch books. "In all cases we are up to date and strive to impart enthusiasm for reading and to support the selection of reading materials to young and old alike". We also pay special attention to children’s and young people’s literature".

Children can learn how a loan works with their "library driver’s license". The bookstore promotes reading with guided tours, craft afternoons and newsletters. "We also support the reading demand for the little ones," says trini. Book boxes will be delivered to the elementary school in volkach and to the kindergartens in obervolkach and gaibach.

For marita trini, the challenges and wishes for the future are that there are still many volunteers and that financing is also possible for small libraries. Reward is the increase in the number of readers. And since the little bookworms of those days have mostly become regular readers, the future of the catholic public library in obervolkach stands under a good star.

Marita trini remembers the beginnings well, when the sister of the then local priest nikolaus gengler ran a small, rather private bookstore in the 1960s. It was not until 1972 that pastor josef weber launched the present bookshop and registered it with the diocese. Since that time, the bookstore has been run according to the requirements of the KBA-diozesanstelle fur kirchliche bucherei- und offoffentlichsarbeit (KBA-diozesanstelle for church bookstore and public relations work).

"Bookshop for all"

Theresia heiter and emmi jorg ran the library at that time, followed by christa winter, willi klasmeier, annemarie feuerbach-heinrich and margarete troll until the end of the 1980s. In 1993, after a short forced break due to a drop in the number of users and loans, a dozen young mothers, including marita trini, found themselves eager to reopen a library in the village: "at that time, our children went to kindergarten or elementary school."

The initiative was there, the concept was a success. With combined efforts, the book collection was reviewed and computerized. Nothing stood in the way of the opening of the "bookstore for all" in 1994 under the direction of margit kirchner. 2300 of the 3600 media have been discontinued in the last few years alone. These include not only books but also audio books and games. In 1997, marita trini took over the management and gradually gained new supporters, so that the opening hours could also be extended.

In 2000, two major projects were completed: the changeover to a new system for young people’s books and the renovation of the library. The painting work was done by the book team, the costs of 1400 D-mark for the extension of the shelves by the parish. More shelves came from local resident ulla haase.

The management team today includes: maria fischer, anita baur, susanne feuerbach, anne elter, ina feuerbach, fiona kaiser, christoph elter, roswitha amling, emma endres, luzia feuerbach and petra wieland. "We are mainly financed by the loan fee and the book exhibition once a year, plus the collection of the parish and subsidies from the diocese and the state."

The bookstore birthday

The celebration will take place on sunday, 11. November, from 2 to 5 p.M. And on monday, 12. November, from 9 to 12 o’clock.

Under the motto "reading makes you happy" the library team wants to thank the loyalty of the readers and the local cooperation with a little surprise: for book purchases, voluntary work during the renovation and for the good cooperation in kindergarten and school as well as for the voluntary work for the benefit of the original kob (catholic public library) in the past 40 years.

In the 17. At the book exhibition, guests can find out about new publications, games, and the latest books. More than 300 books, games, cds and calendars are offered for sale. Any book available in stores can be ordered and will be delivered free of charge. The proceeds of the exhibition will be used to purchase new books for the bookshop in obervolkach.

On both jubilee days, on 11. And 12. November, there will also be a coffee and cake bar, a painting corner for the little ones and a book flea market.