Claus kleber continues to push against “tagesschau

Claus kleber continues to push against

Claus kleber (57) continues to rage against the "tagesschau. The presenter of the "heute journal ZDF considers the news program to be out of date. Although kleber is aware that the "tagesschau" is a "bad news" show the "gold standard but the way in which the reports are presented is no longer up to date. To make this point clear, the ZDF man made a tough comparison at an event organized by the kreissparkasse in waiblingen: "nowadays, the dry reading of the news only happens at 8 p.M. And on korean television, reports the media portal "meedia". Kleber went on to say that the "tagesschau" little "leeway" for the presenters supply. A "moderating, declarative" the kind of news delivery that is done in america, for example, is not wanted in the ARD.

Sat.1 news anchorman marc bator (40) has similar views. Although he was elected due to the success of the "tagesschau but in principle, he thinks it"s too complicated: "I want every viewer to understand the news that I"m doing. I don"t have any fundamental doubts about the tagesschau, but there are some reports that I knew wouldn"t be understood by everyone, bator in an interview with the "hamburger abendblatt see. That was also the reason for his switch in may of this year from ARD to sat.1 been.

A few weeks ago, kleber ("america"s crusades") had already. Where is the world power heading?") criticism of the "tagesschau" magic. In an interview with the "zeit" he called the format of the ARD main news "outdated.