False suspicions come to light

False suspicions come to light

The trial against a part-time stewardess was stopped shortly after it began at the local court on monday: the 48-year-old will pay a fine of 2,000 euros for an offense on the ground, and the case was "canceled" for the court after ten minutes, as it is called in air traffic. The proceedings were discontinued.

Professional disadvantages
According to lawyer klaus spiegel, a conviction in the criminal register meant considerable inconvenience and disadvantages for the woman professionally: since stewardesses are also subject to constant checks at airports and have to present their passports, they have to be able to get out of the country.

Accused was a case of false suspicion. The woman wanted to "attach" something to a hunter, who had fought in the open field with her former life companion, with a statement to the police. The two men got into a fight on a sunny april day around noon in the district of wurzburg, because the dog of the walker was not leashed. In the course of the confrontation, the hunter allegedly drove his jeep at the dog owner and killed him.

The stewardess saw the motorized "attack" not, but because the then life-threatening, lying on the ground, claimed so, she described the incident exactly the same to the police. The police then investigated the jager and even wanted to take away his driver's license beforehand. Judge thomas behl: according to the testimony, everything was possible, from dangerous bodily harm to attempted murder.

Down to the ground
However, in addition to the parching with the free running fighting dog, a couple was still on the move between the fields, but they confirmed that the hunter had not approached the dog owner, but had taken the reverse gear. The dog owner went down "all by himself".

This must have been the case, because the man paid a fine of 1500 euros, also for false suspicion: without contradiction, he already has some entries in the criminal record. In the hallway, he was angry because the hunter had "to have something in his hand", had photographed for evidentiary purposes. The pictures had to be deleted, the unreasonable dog owner had demanded and had "built up" on the field path in front of the hunter's vehicle.

The stewardess now said that she had assumed that the man who was in danger of her life at the time had told her the truth about the fall, but that she had not seen it. The relationship has now ended. Remained to the woman among other things this criminal procedure.

If the evidence had been about the encounter of the hunter with the parchen, who loved to give free rein to his fighting dog, then it would certainly have become noisy, among other things because the hunter was hoarding very badly. But four witnesses came to the courtroom and learned that they could go home right away, because the stewardess had already confessed to everything and was only seeking the discontinuation of the proceedings against payment of a fine instead of the fine originally imposed.