Good news for households: wastewater rates remain stable in 2019

Water was the focus of the last weitramsdorf town council meeting this year on several occasions. And on monday evening, in the training room of the fire station, there was good news for the citizens of burgen: the wastewater fees will remain stable in 2019.

3.20 euros per cubic meter of discharged wastewater must pay the weitramsdorfer also in the future, this calculation the body unanimously approved. Earlier, managing director heiko geub had explained the fees for the drainage facility: the projected requirement of around 698,000 euros is offset by basic fees of 56,000 euros and discharge fees of around 642,000. With an expected volume of 200,000 cubic meters, the discharge fee remains unchanged. "Taking into account the expected income and expenses and the previous year’s results, we can keep the initiation fee at the same level", said geub. Only the previous year, the municipal council had decided to increase the fees by 55 cents from 2.65 to 3.20 euros.

Canal to become rougher

The second item on the agenda was also about wastewater: with one vote against, the committee voted in favor of extending the combined sewer in the new "hoher rain" development area more roughly than still in september decided to plan. The council thus followed the recommendation of the commissioned engineering firm HTS-plan (kronach), even though there is a bottleneck at the connecting manhole to the existing structure. The office argued that there was no risk of backwater because there were no house connections to the canal in this section, nor were any planned. On top of that, the water management office in kronach had also recommended the canal extension.

Mayor wolfgang bauersachs (bfb) added that the interim expansion was expected to reduce the workload. Ulrich kraublich (-BV) tried to dispel the concerns of michael radlein (CSU) by saying that it would be problematic if the canal was too narrow.

During the current compilation of the sewer cadastre, rainwater sewers were discovered that had not previously been recorded in the plans. Now these should be included, recommend both the engineering firm gaul and the WWA. Knowledge of the channels provides the administration with "the necessary tools", to avoid problems with tree removals, said the head of the city council. The municipal council agrees.

Too much traffic in kirchgasse

Klaus dorscht (-BV) asked how the administration could prevent that the kirchgasse is often used as a shortcut, also by heavy trucks. According to bauersachs, even navigation devices guide traffic through the alleyway. However, the business located there needs the delivery traffic, which is why a closure for trucks can only take place behind it. Hans-jurgen marschollek (bfb) therefore suggested that the kirchgasse be used for "delivery traffic" release. The mayor now wants to talk to the residents in order to clarify the further procedure.

Bauersachs closed the meeting with a review of 2018. The "fresh cure for the town hall, an upswing in housing construction and successful civil engineering work were highlighted by the mayor. "Our road network is in a good condition and the sewerage system has been ordered to be improved", he added. He was also proud of the lively club life, which thanks to many volunteers "offers a broad spectrum of cultural, sporting and social activities in common" with design.