Group rooms for kindergarten wanted

Group rooms for kindergarten wanted

Josef hofbauer room modules could solve the acute space problem that currently exists in the ebermannstadter kindertagesstatten. In order to alleviate the serious hardship, there should be a discussion with the kindergarten supervisor at the district administration office, whether in the "dwarf country french switzerland" more children may be admitted temporarily. But more than six places can not be created here.

During an inspection on 26. April with representatives of the kindergarten supervisors, various rooms are to be inspected that could be used as possible group rooms. Among other things, the use of a room in the basement of the "dwarf land" is to be made possible be tested.

Should this not be possible, the administration suggested renting room modules to bridge the childcare bottleneck. The number of children has increased by 14 percent in the past three years. The city councillors view this increase with both a smile and a tear. On the one hand, the higher number of children underscores ebermannstadt’s status as a family-friendly community. On the other hand, it also implies the obligation to provide support facilities. At the moment there are 14 children from ebermannstadt and three years old who cannot be cared for. There is therefore an urgent need for action.

Mobile rental buildings

There is therefore talk of "mobile rental buildings" with fully and individually equipped group and sports rooms, kitchen, sanitary facilities suitable for children, as well as recreation, storage and burial rooms for the educators. The installation of changing tables and toilets would be possible without any problems. The rooms have been tested for harmful substances and are therefore harmless to health.

The units, which are equipped with plastic windows, are six meters long and three meters wide and heat-insulated as standard. They could be assembled into prefabricated buildings. An electricity connection is necessary, as well as a connection to the water supply and the sewage system.

One advantage of these modules is that they can be connected to existing kindergartens. The prefabricated rooms could be set up at the family center, for example. However, this will mean sacrificing a parking space or two. However, the proposed strip of grass between feuersteinstrabe and the former carpenter’s shop was not a good idea, said city councilor ludwig brutting (), because it interfered with the fire department’s access road.

However, it makes sense – from the administration’s point of view – that a module solution is linked to the "zwergenland" will be coupled. In this case, the operator was fortunate enough to be able to provide the necessary personnel for the new groups to be set up.

Carrier has to plan

The return of teachers who were currently on maternity leave ensures a seamless transition and optimal care for the children. "But the carrier must be able to plan, suggested andreas kirchner, head of the burgermeister’s office. Herbert blob from the building authority estimated the costs of the module solution at a monthly rent of 1300 euro per finished building at around 30000 euro per year. In addition, about 35,000 euros had to be calculated for connections and installation.

Check all alternatives

Possibly even for several years, because in the fall, the renovation of the kindergarten st. St. Mary’s will be started. Then alternative rooms must be found for four kindergarten groups. So far, it is only certain that two of these groups will be able to move into the (renovated) building of the geistlicher rat ziegler kindergarten. Where the other two groups can be accommodated is still open. For this reason, city councilor bernhard hubschmann (NLE) suggested the purchase of building modules.

Here, third mayor rainer schmeuber (CSU) suggested that the old fire station also be examined for use as a childcare facility. In addition to the two groups of twelve children under the age of three, which are to be created immediately, accommodation for the two groups of the kindergarten st. Gallen will have to be found from autumn onwards.Mary, who cannot be accommodated in ziegler’s kindergarten, will be found.