Horror accident in macao: german pilot florsch but okay

Horror accident in macao: german pilot florsch but okay

Sophia florsch racing driver sophia florsch in november 2017 in berlin at the "golden steering wheel" award ceremony. Britta pedersen

The spectators are breathless, in the pit lane there is sheer horror: 17-year-old german junior racer sophia florsch has suffered a serious accident on the narrow and dangerous street circuit of macao.

The images of her race car taking off at well over 250 kilometers per hour and crashing unbraked through the safety fences several meters high into the crash barriers on sunday suggest the worst.

Only a few hours after the serious crash, however, the woman from munich reported from the hospital via twitter: "I wanted to let everyone know that I'm okay."She also announced that she would be operated on this monday. Miraculously, florsch was conscious and responsive after the horrific crash at the formula 3 world finals.

She suffered a fracture of the vertebral column, as the organizers announced after a thorough examination by the chief physician of the general hospital conde S. Januaryio in macao. But her father assured the german press agency that his daughter had no signs of lameness and could move everything.

A total of four other people were involved in the accident, which led to an approximately one-hour interruption of the race. Japanese junior pilot sho tsuboi complained of lower back pain, one photographer suffered liver injuries, another and a track marshal suffered facial and head trauma. The marshal also suffered a fractured upper jaw.

"To sophia and the others involved in the accident – we are thinking of you and continue to hope for the best," tweeted formula 3 european champion mick schumacher. The 19-year-old son of formula 1 record world champion michael schumacher was able to make up one place after starting sixth in the car of the italian prema powerteam. The victory was secured by daniel ticktum, also 19 years old. The briton had to admit defeat to schumacher in the european championship classification.

But the sporting event became a secondary matter in view of florsch's terrible accident. The munich woman, who was on the 1. Florsch, who turns 18 on december, had only moved up to formula 3 in the course of this year, when she started for the dutch van amersfoort team in zandvoort. She had previously made a name for herself with strong performances in formula 4, where she was the first woman to make it onto the podium twice.

She was the first woman from germany to compete in the grand prix in macao. In qualifying, florsch had finished 20th out of 28 competitors from 14 nations. She was 19 in qualifying. Became. At the time of her accident on the fourth lap, florsch was in position 15.

At first the cause of the accident remained unclear. Florsch apparently lost control of her car on the straight before the lisboa curve. She took off with her car and flew with the tail first through and over the catch fences, before she smashed with the cockpit side into the boundary fixtures, behind which photographers have the possibility to take pictures, in several meters high. The car then crashed back to the ground. The german formula 1 racing team mercedes sent a tweet wishing florsch and the other injured a lot of strength. Florsch in turn also thanked the silver arrows for their support.

There was practically no criticism of the dangerously tight course from the drivers before the race. Asked on sunday how much he liked the course, winner ticktum said: "that's rhetorical, I fell in love for the first time when I was here."

For most drivers, including mick schumacher, the dangerous street circuit is one of their favorite race tracks. Criticized there, however, the motorcycle grand prix. Only last year, a pilot was killed in an accident there.

The serious accident is now being investigated by the international automobile association. This was confirmed by an employee of the FIA to the german press agency in macao. The case will also involve a statement by mick schumacher's chinese teammate. Guan yu zhou was driving behind the 17-year-old from munich before the accident and claims to have seen yellow warning lights on the straight.

"I think this was an organizational error. Sophia was very close to jehan daruvala, and when he braked early, she didn't have time to react," said zhou, and went on to describe the accident from his point of view: "she hit the right rear tire of jehan's car with her car, and was thrown into the air – right into the catch fence of the lisboa curve."According to official timekeeping, florsch was measured at 276.2 km/h top speed just a few meters before the braking zone of the bend.