Investigators: attack on bremen afd chief was not attempted murder

Investigators: attack on Bremen afd chief was not attempted murder

Public prosecutor’s office and police continue investigation for dangerous bodily harm after attack on bremen afd chairman and member of parliament frank magnitz.

Among other things, this was due to the fact that the crime was committed jointly on monday evening, said the spokesman of the public prosecutor’s office frank passade to the german press agency. "But it was not an attempted murder."The afd and magnitz themselves classify the act of monday as such.

The party maintained that magnitz had been beaten with an object such as a piece of wood, although this was clearly refuted by video recordings of the act, according to the public prosecutor’s office. According to the afd, the cane was discovered by craftsmen who found magnitz and alerted the police. That this could have been the case was not ruled out by the prosecution either. However, the craftsmen had confessed with their backs to the crime scene. "They didn’t see the crime," passade said, referring to the testimonies.

The two workmen had been loading or unloading a car a few meters away from the scene of the crime and had been alerted to the attack by the screams. Then they ran to magnitz, had seen the heavily bleeding copunde. "The word "kantholz" may have been used," passade also thought possible. However, the video of the crime does not show an object being hit, nor does it show that magnitz was kicked on the ground, as the afd had claimed shortly after the crime. "There was no canard," said passade.

The afd criticized in a statement that the video had so far only been viewed by the police and the public prosecutor’s office. Passade stressed that it would be made possible if magnitz, as the injured party, wanted to view it, if necessary also with a lawyer.

German president frank-walter steinmeier addressed the incident at the new year’s reception in berlin’s bellevue palace. He condemned every form of political violence as a danger to democracy and at the same time warned against the instrumentalization of such acts. "Political violence, from whatever corner and against whomever, we can never tolerate."This applies equally to right-wing and left-wing motivated violence. "Any attack on a party meeting, a mayor or a deputy is an attack on our constitutional state," steinmeier said, according to the redemanuscript. "In the same way, i hope that an attack like the one in bremen will not be instrumentalized to dig even deeper."

On the internet, an alleged letter of confession was posted for a short time on the indymedia website. In it, a group "antifaschistischer fruhling" accused itself. Security sources said on thursday that the message was being tested, but that there were considerable doubts about its authenticity. A spokeswoman for the bremen interior senator said: "this group is not known to the office for the protection of the constitution."On indymedia there is a freely accessible function through which anyone can post texts on the net.

According to the police, magnitz was attacked from behind by a man who belonged to a group of three men seen on the video behind the victim, near the bremen theater on goetheplatz on monday evening. Magnitz had his hand in his pocket and was thus pushed to the ground. According to the public prosecutor’s office, he hit his head without braking and was taken to a clinic with serious injuries, which he left again on his own responsibility on wednesday. The three manner are cursed.

Afd party leader jorg meuthen demands better protection for afd politicians in the news magazine "focus. The "relatively low security classification" for afd mandate holders by the interior ministries of the states and the federal criminal police office "are no longer appropriate and need to be reassessed," he demanded.