Ochsenfurt’s manners experience their sixth happy ending?

ochsenfurt's manners experience their sixth happy ending?

No, the current situation for the handball players of TV ochsenfurt is certainly not new. With two games to go, they are deep in the relegation battle in the district’s top division, as they have been for the five years since they were promoted back to the top flight in 2007. "Otherwise the fourth last place has always sufficed. This time it will be difficult, considering our remaining program and that of the others," says tobias schulling, one of ochsenfurt’s survivalists.

The 39-year-old teacher, who supervises the team together with marco schuler and still plays a part on the parquet, knows how difficult the task is. This time in giebelstadt and then at home against the reserve of DJK rimpar, which is already the champion, TV ochsenfurt will have to play. Three teams have already been relegated: TSV mellrichstadt, TV etwashausen and SG kitzingen/mainbernheim. In addition it will catch one of the quartet MHV schweinfurt, DJK waldbuttelbrunn II, HSG volkach or TV ochsenfurt.

It is possible that the direct comparison between opponents will be used again, as it has been the case more often in the past. Ochsenfurt had been ahead of lohr II in 2012 and also of TV dettelbach the year before. This year the TVO was better than waldbuttelbrunn II, but against schweinfurt in the disadvantage.

The respective games of the dangers have it in itself. This time the direct duel between schweinfurt and the waldbuttelbrunn reserve is on the schedule. The schweinfurt team travels to sthashausen on the last matchday, while waldbuttelbrunn II awaits the rodelsee reserve team. The supposedly easiest program should be for HSG volkach, who will play in mellrichstadt and finally at home against TG hochberg.

At TV ochsenfurt, tobias schulling thinks anything is possible, "even that we can still take all four points. If we have a good day, that’s possible. For giebelstadt, the round is over, for rimpar II, too, actually. Besides, we usually play well against good opponents ourselves," he hopes for salvation by our own efforts. Schulling argues in retrospect some carelessly awarded payers, as just recently in the 27:27 in mellrichstadt. There had just too many not exactly a good day, therefore it was not enough.

Before it comes to calculating, tobias schulling "first has to win in giebelstadt". What he considers not easy, but not impossible either. Everything had to be put on the line, the high achievers had to find their form again, and the young players were not allowed to tense up too much for that. "If they do not trust themselves, then it will be nothing."

Before the round, TV ochsenfurt had expected a difficult season in view of the up-and-comers. But much more would have been possible. A balanced points account, for example. Especially in a league in which, with the exception of the rimpar reserve team, almost all the other teams are, in schulling’s opinion, "very unsettled.

What would happen if the ochsenfurter after five years of successful fight against the class preservation this time caught? Schulling can’t imagine the team falling apart. "Those who have been there for a long time do not have the ambition to go away. Among the younger ones there are many students who are out of school and can train only once a week."

The goal of playing with our own players has not changed. Even though tobias schulling knows that relegation would not help the young players who are gradually being brought in. "It’s a different ball game, even if the next season the district league is well staffed."

No matter how things go, the ochsenfurt native, who works as a teacher in the upper franconian town of strullendorf, is not yet thinking about his retirement from sports. "As long as my bones hold out and i don’t get sacked, it’s not an issue. Especially since it works well together with marco," he says with a view to his training activities. The two have been working as a duo since 2007 and have not been downgraded since then. That should remain so, they hope before the once again upcoming for them trembling games.