Official: zschape wanted to talk and kept silent on advice of her lawyer

official: zschape wanted to talk and kept silent on advice of her lawyer

"Yes, she actually wanted to, especially when her grandmother was unwell, to apologize to her grandmother," said the official. She had said, however, that her lawyer advised against it.

"If she testifies, then fully and comprehensively," she said, the officer reported. "She is no one who does not stand by her actions." The BKA officer had accompanied zschape on a transport to jena in june 2012 so that she could see her mother and grandmother there.

Zschape has not yet appeared before the court. On the four-hour drive to jena and back, however, she struck up a conversation with the officers. "It was all done in a friendly atmosphere," the official said. "Time flew by."

Zschape was "very, very unhappy" about her defense attorney wolfgang heer, the BKA official reported. "He actually does very little," she had said. About the second defense attorney, wolfgang stahl, she had said, "he always had the same opinion as mr. Heer, and that’s why she was quite happy to talk to us for a change," the official had reported. Zschape had said she had become suspicious. "Everyone around her wants something from her – either to get into the press, or to make money or to start an investigation. She had already a paranoid behavior," the officer gave the statements.

Zschape’s defense attorney stahl asked whether the conversation was intended to specifically interfere with the relationship of trust between the client and the defense. The official countered: "the relationship of trust did not exist at that time, ms. Zschape clearly expressed that. "The defense then demanded that the officer’s testimony not be used in the verdict. It had actually been an interrogation; however, zschape had not been sufficiently instructed about this.

Meanwhile, the federal prosecutor’s office contradicted the interrogation of beate zschape’s pen friend. The contact was of no significance for the concrete question of guilt and punishment. Zschape had written a 26-page letter from prison to a prisoner from bielefeld. This one belonged to the neo-nazi scene in dortmund. Representatives of the plaintiff’s side had requested that he be heard as a witness. The court has not yet ruled on this.

"It is fully understood that the defendants have a great interest in clarifying as much as possible about the background," said federal prosecutor herbert diemer. "No one should believe that the NSU case has been settled with the trial. "But the trial must be limited to the defendant’s involvement in the specific acts, if only because of the principle of expedited trial. Zschape is accused of complicity in all terrorist attacks of the "national socialist underground" (NSU), including ten murders and two bomb attacks.