Police roughhouse around oil tanker off british sud coast

police roughhouse around oil tanker off british sud coast

Seven people have been arrested on an oil tanker after hours of rough seas off the coast of the isle of wight. Special forces had brought the situation on the ship under control and arrested seven people, the defense ministry tweeted.

Police and coastguards had been working for hours around the tanker nave andromeda after it zigzagged and anchored several miles offshore. Minister of the interior priti patel thanked the participants on twitter for their efforts.

"We have been informed that there are several blind passengers on board who have made verbal threats against the crew," a hampshire police spokesman had stated this evening. "No injuries were reported."Local media had initially assumed an attempted hijacking, but according to the BBC, the shipowner’s lawyers ruled this out as early as this afternoon. It was "100 percent not a kidnapping," the law firm tatham& said co., representing the ship owners. It has been known for some time that there are blind passengers on board.

The 228-meter-long and more than 42.000-ton oil tanker, which sails under the liberian flag and belongs to the fleet of the greek company navios tankers management, had left nigeria at the beginning of october and was due to arrive in the port of southampton on sunday morning. However, the dispute with the blind passengers had probably prevented the arrival at first.

According to the reporter of the shipping magazine lloyd’s list, richard meade, seven blind passengers gained access to the tanker in nigeria. Meade refers to the liberian shipping register for his information. When the ship’s crew tried to lock them in a cabin, violent clashes allegedly ensued, meade said. The crew, however, had been able to report to the shipping registry and had not lost control of the ship.