Police shoot armed man on market place

Police shoot armed man on market place

"It was clearly a self-defense situation," a spokesman for the police headquarters in heidelberg told the dpa news agency.

The man had lived alone in the town center of wiesloch. In recent months, the man had come to the attention of the police with several incidents, including bodily injuries: once he had kicked in a neighbor’s door during an argument, and another time he had gone on the rampage in a local pub. Neighbors told the police that the man had become more and more aggressive.

The shot from the police weapon hit the man at close range. He died still on the market place. A postmortem examination of the body should provide more detailed information. Baden-wurttemberg’s interior minister reinhold gall (SPD) initially refused to comment on the incident.

Around 8.30 o’clock had the man at a cafe in the city center with a chair on two about 30 year old women hit. Apparently without reason and "completely unprovoked", as the police reported. The women did not know the man according to their own statements.

According to witnesses, the man then threatened passers-by on the main street with a dagger. The weapon had a blade about 20 centimeters long and barbed. Two patrolmen arrested the man a short time later on the market square. There he attacked the officers with a knife. He ignored requests to put away his weapons. During the retreat one of the officers fired a warning shot. He did not react to this either, but continued to storm towards the police officers.

The market place of wiesloch was cordoned off after the deadly "gun attack. The public prosecutor’s office in heidelberg, the criminal investigation department in heidelberg and the state police department in karlsruhe took over the further investigation.