Report: 15 000 foreigners fight for the is

Report: 15 000 foreigners fight for the is

UN warns 15,000 men and women have moved to the two countries to fight for terrorists or other extremist groups, report says. In the besieged northern syrian city of kobane, at least 21 IS fighters were killed in air strikes by the USA and its allies.

The british daily "guardian" quoted from the UN report that the foreign fighters in iraq and syria came from 80 countries. "The numbers since 2010 now exceed by several times the total of foreign terrorist fighters between 1990 and 2010 – and continue to grow," the united nations paper said.

A list of the countries from which the jihadists come is not given. But there are examples of athletes from france, russia and great britain. According to the federal office for the protection of the constitution, 450 mainly young people from germany have gone to syria and iraq to fight for extremists.

IS propaganda on various social networks on the internet reflects that its members are young and international, the UN report continues, according to the guardian. IS has now saved up a cash cushion of 45 million U.S. Dollars from the loose money for kidnapped hostages alone.

The 21 IS fighters killed in kobane had been part of the terrorist militia’s "religious police," the syrian observatory for human rights reported. At the same time, the extremists once again tried to cut off the link between kobane and turkey.

IS has been besieging the city, inhabited mainly by kurds, for weeks. Extremists already control around one-third of the country’s surface in syria. A victory in kobane would have been a great success for IS militarily, but above all symbolically, since even U.S. Airstrikes had not been able to stop them.

Kobane defenders continued to wait for reinforcements from northern iraq on friday. The 150 peshmerga fighters stand by in turkey near the border with syria for their deployment in the city. An advance party had reconnoitered the situation in kobane on thursday, but had then returned to turkey.

The peshmerga are to help defend the besieged city. Representatives of the kurds in kobane accused turkey of holding the peshmerga at the border, according to media reports.

The government in ankara had given its permission for the fighters to be moved to kobane through its territory. However, it is struggling to provide any assistance to the kurdish people’s protection units there, as they are affiliated with the kurdish workers’ party (PKK). The PKK is banned as a terrorist organization in turkey.

Turkish president recep tayyip erdogan accused the west of focusing only on kobane in the fight against IS. "People only talk about kobane, which is on the border with turkey and where almost no one is," he said in paris. "Why is kobane being bombed all the time?? Why not other cities like idlib??"

Idlib is controlled by the syrian government. Turkey’s main goal in the syrian civil war is to overthrow the regime of president basar al-assad.

The observatory for human rights accused the assad regime of torturing 36 people to death near the city of homs. Most of the victims were from the town of al-qaratain and were killed in prisons, the human rights activists said.