This is how coburg’s cab drivers are suffering from the corona crisis

this is how coburg's cab drivers are suffering from the corona crisis

Coburg’s cab drivers could hook the tinderboxes. Since the mabnahmen were imposed, which are supposed to prevent the corona virus from spreading, hardly anyone gets in anymore. But the cab drivers don’t want to simply stop driving and wait for things to get back to normal. "We have joined forces and want to ensure that a cab is available 24 hours a day," confirms michael hollein, says michael hollein on behalf of his colleagues.

Duty goods lifted

In fact, there is such a thing as a provision obligation. This means that the companies are committed to ensuring a seamless supply. But the city of coburg does not insist on this obligation. "We have been offered to waive it", confirms michael hollein. But that was out of the question for him and a large number of his colleagues. "We have joined forces and take turns on the night shift, for example, explains michael hollein. That is, only one company keeps a cab ready. Everyone else is switching their phones to this company. In fact, one vehicle is enough so far. "It goes over all kinds of trips, they have decreased by 90 percent", says mehmet yilmaz. He has therefore deregistered several vehicles with his company’s insurance company. A special regulation for the industry. The vehicles are not registered with the registration office, but only with the insurance company for the time when they are not being used. A chance to achieve at least a small saving on the cost side.

Theater, cinema, pubs, restaurants – all closed. Anything that required cabs to get there and back is just falling away. Even transportation for health care is hardly in demand. Cabs are called – and paid for by health insurance – when patients need to go to surgery, dialysis, chemotherapy. But also in this area many things have been postponed to keep hospital beds free in case the pandemic suddenly spreads. Since vacations are not possible, no one wants to book a transfer to the airport.

Errands as a service

Another area has made gains. But many people probably don’t know that they can use a cab for this purpose. Simple shopping. "You can give us a shopping list and we will get the things and bring them to the people", says mehmet yilmaz. An offer that does not only exist in times of the exit restriction.

Normally, eight cab companies together provide 31 cabs in coburg. Now, according to information from michael hollein and mehmet yilmaz, only about ten of them are on the road. "But there are only so many of them during the day, and there are fewer in the afternoon, mehmet yilmaz explains how companies react to the demand situation.

Drivers already wear mouth guards. Rear and front seats are separated by a film. "It has already been announced that with the easing of exit restrictions, a mask ban will be imposed on public transport. That goes for us, too", says michael hollein. It is especially true, however, for the fahrgaste.

If they offer their services even now and around the clock, when almost no one uses them, then the cab drivers have good reasons for it. "Above all, we want to show that we are still here", says michael hollein. And it must also have something to do with a professional honor if, like michael hollein, you run a company that has been helping people get to where they want to go in coburg since 1968.

Now he and his colleagues can only hope that life will return to the city as soon as possible – and with it the people’s desire for cab rides.