Why a 55-year-old from the coburg district wanted to kill his brother

Why a 55-year-old from the coburg district wanted to kill his brother

Attempted homicide: that was the charge against a 55-year-old man from coburg county. The man allegedly attacked his brother with a butcher knife in november 2017. On thursday, the defendant had to answer to the coburg regional court. The defendant appeared in the trial as a joint plaintiff.

Ten witnesses and two experts

After the trial day with ten witnesses and two experts of the forensic psychiatry of the district hospital bayreuth, one thing is clear above all: the relationship of the brothers is not the best one. Several times in the past there are said to have been verbal and physical altercations. The family dispute had been smoldering for years. The dispute reached its climax in november of last year.

Massive alcohol consumption

Despite the bad behavior, the victim wanted to help his brother and drive him to the district hospital obermain in kutzenberg. The defendant was to be treated there for his mental illness and his alcohol consumption. After the death of his mother, the 55-year-old man felt worse and worse. "There was not a day when he was wet", said the accused.

But instead of being driven to kutzenberg as agreed, the defendant apparently planned to kill his brother.

Waiting for his brother with a butcher knife

The 55-year-old waited for his brother in his apartment with a 15-centimeter-long butcher knife. Later, the police found out that the accused was intoxicated at the time of the crime. At first he kept the knife hidden, then waited for the right moment and tried to stab the victim in the abdomen. The brother’s reflex reaction prevented a bloodbath. "I was lucky that the knife went past me," the victim said, the 50-year-old emphasizes.

Since january in psychological care

The memories of the crime still mark the victim today. "This scene happens again and again", says the man in a broken voice. The act preoccupied him to such an extent that the 50-year-old had to reduce the opening hours of his guesthouse. Since january he is in psychological treatment.

No apology from the defendant

The accused remained almost motionless in his chair during the entire trial. An apology to his brother was awaited in vain. Although there had been the opportunity, as the presiding judge christoph gillot pointed out. The 55-year-old only read out a statement through his defense lawyer in which he fully admitted the accusation. Even though he had no recollection of the crime.

Paranoid personality traits

After his interrogation, the defendant was taken to the district hospital in bayreuth, where two medical reports were prepared on his condition. The doctors certified that he had narcissistic and paranoid personality traits.

Envy and hatred as motives

The motive of the crime seems to have been envy and hatred. While the little brother had a happy relationship and was self-reliant, the defendant lost his purpose in life with the death of his mother. He was unemployed for a long time and in the end he was only worried about his mother.

In their pleadings, both prosecutor martin dippold and defense attorney albrecht von imhoff acknowledged that the defendant was guilty. After taking into account the mitigating circumstances, the prosecution demanded seven years and six months imprisonment for the defendant, while the defense pleaded for four years and six months imprisonment, also due to the family circumstances of their client.

Six and a half years in prison

In their verdict, the judges around chairman christoph gillot came to the conclusion that six years and six months imprisonment are appropriate for the crime. Furthermore, he must pay his brother 5000 euros in damages. The verdict is legally valid.