1126 Signatures for clean air

1126 signatures for clean air

A total of 1126 signatures from the communities of eggolsheim and hallerndorf were submitted by members of the "clean air in the regnitz and aisch valleys" interest group collected. On tuesday, martin distler handed over the stack of papers he had collected to hallerndorf’s mayor gerhard bauer (wahlergemeinschaft), together with those who had collected the signatures from house to house in the various towns and villages. A good 60 percent of the signatures came from hallerndorfer from all parts of the town, distler explained, 40 percent from eggolsheim, especially from eggolsheim itself and the suburbs of neuses and untersturmig.

It is not only a question of a possible asphalt mixing plant planned on the territory of hallerndorf, but also of improving the current state of affairs. "For this we need the support of the mayors and municipal councils", distler is sure of this, as he himself sits on the eggolsheim market town council for bundnis 90/die grunen. The pollution of the citizens by dust and noise is already immense, even without asphalt mixing plant.

Nevertheless, the members of the community of interests are in favor of the establishment of further business: "but in a sustainable way and not at the expense of health and quality of life", distler summarizes the wishes of the citizens.

Dialogue desired

Gerhard bauer only regretted that before the foundation of the community of interests no conversation was sought with him. He wished for a dialogue, especially with interested burghers. Distler confirmed that communication is also important to him. Maybe it would be possible to get together and not only to discuss the "causa bogl" achieving something together.