Karstadt wage talks without tangible result for the time being

Karstadt wage talks without tangible result for the time being

The union’s concrete demands – the return of karstadt to the collective bargaining system and the conclusion of an agreement to safeguard jobs and the company’s future – have not yet been negotiated, he said.

Karstadt labor director kai-uwe weitz, meanwhile, reiterated the call for a wage pause at the company. The talks are scheduled for 7. To be continued in october.

The dominant topic at the two-day talks in dusseldorf, according to verdi, was the consequences for the department store chain of the entry of the austrian real estate entrepreneur rene benko. "We need legally reliable information on this," peukes said. However, the union had not yet received any answers.

Rudiger wolff, who is also a member of the verdi negotiating committee, demanded an assurance from the two karstadt owners nicolas berggruen and rene benko "that karstadt as a whole, with all its locations and employees, will be retained in the future". Benko wants to take over majority stake in karstadt premium and sports stores from berggruen.

Karstadt labor director weitz, meanwhile, reiterated the call for a pause in collective bargaining to ensure the company’s continued health. "Precisely because we don’t want any job cuts, the first visible successes must not be jeopardized by the immediate full financial extra burden of the flat pay agreement," he said. There are already several examples of pragmatic solutions in the retail sector. However, the company’s announcement that it would be leaving the collective bargaining agreement for two years led to fierce protests among the workforce.