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Karstadt wage talks without tangible result for the time being

Karstadt wage talks without tangible result for the time being

The union’s concrete demands – the return of karstadt to the collective bargaining system and the conclusion of an agreement to safeguard jobs and the company’s future – have not yet been negotiated, he said.

Karstadt labor director kai-uwe weitz, meanwhile, reiterated the call for a wage pause at the company. The talks are scheduled for 7. To be continued in october.

The dominant topic at the two-day talks in dusseldorf, according to verdi, was the consequences for the department store chain of the entry of the austrian real estate entrepreneur rene benko. "We need legally reliable information on this," peukes said. However, the union had not yet received any answers.

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1126 Signatures for clean air

1126 signatures for clean air

A total of 1126 signatures from the communities of eggolsheim and hallerndorf were submitted by members of the "clean air in the regnitz and aisch valleys" interest group collected. On tuesday, martin distler handed over the stack of papers he had collected to hallerndorf’s mayor gerhard bauer (wahlergemeinschaft), together with those who had collected the signatures from house to house in the various towns and villages. A good 60 percent of the signatures came from hallerndorfer from all parts of the town, distler explained, 40 percent from eggolsheim, especially from eggolsheim itself and the suburbs of neuses and untersturmig.

It is not only a question of a possible asphalt mixing plant planned on the territory of hallerndorf, but also of improving the current state of affairs. "For this we need the support of the mayors and municipal councils", distler is sure of this, as he himself sits on the eggolsheim market town council for bundnis 90/die grunen. The pollution of the citizens by dust and noise is already immense, even without asphalt mixing plant.

Nevertheless, the members of the community of interests are in favor of the establishment of further business: "but in a sustainable way and not at the expense of health and quality of life", distler summarizes the wishes of the citizens.

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Group rooms for kindergarten wanted

Group rooms for kindergarten wanted

Josef hofbauer room modules could solve the acute space problem that currently exists in the ebermannstadter kindertagesstatten. In order to alleviate the serious hardship, there should be a discussion with the kindergarten supervisor at the district administration office, whether in the "dwarf country french switzerland" more children may be admitted temporarily. But more than six places can not be created here.

During an inspection on 26. April with representatives of the kindergarten supervisors, various rooms are to be inspected that could be used as possible group rooms. Among other things, the use of a room in the basement of the "dwarf land" is to be made possible be tested.

Should this not be possible, the administration suggested renting room modules to bridge the childcare bottleneck. The number of children has increased by 14 percent in the past three years. The city councillors view this increase with both a smile and a tear. On the one hand, the higher number of children underscores ebermannstadt’s status as a family-friendly community. On the other hand, it also implies the obligation to provide support facilities. At the moment there are 14 children from ebermannstadt and three years old who cannot be cared for. There is therefore an urgent need for action.

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Fast food is often the only option at lunchtime – is that healthy??

Fast food is often the only option at lunchtime - is that healthy??

Rene ziegler and andreas kaiser enjoy their currywurst. Piece by piece it wanders into your stomach. The small, wooden forks are constantly in motion, never at rest. And the two painters did not just. Kaiser packs two this time, ziegler even three. No rarity. The lunch break has to be used. "We'll have to go back to the construction site in a minute", declare in front of the imbissstube strobel and continue to dig into the sausage drunk with sobe. The fact that the two manner take food from home hardly ever happens. "It will be lotschy by noon after all. We always get something on the hand", says ziegler.

Quite different manuela schneider. Five minutes later she is standing at the snack bar ordering a portion of fries. An absolute exception. She usually cooks at home, makes sure she eats healthy food. "This is really something special for me. I eat it consciously now, even if it's unhealthy – but it simply tastes good", she is happy about her fast-food-portion.

And that's absolutely okay, according to anita behnke, a health advisor from bad kissingen: "everyone should get something, otherwise you'll become dissatisfied and the torture will become increasingly coarse." It's the quantity that counts. And the balance: "once or twice a week a currywurst or hamburger is fine, if you balance it out with healthy food and exercise"."

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Opposition seeks a candidate

On friday, a corresponding advertisement appeared in the bavarian state gazette. In the publication's job market, a "high-caliber candidate for mayor (m/f)" is being advertised looking for someone who "can build bridges in a non-partisan way and who has the appropriate competence in the administrative area".

Finding top candidates
City councilor markus muller (forum aktiv) emphasizes that it is a cross-party initiative. The search for candidates via advertisements has already been successfully practiced elsewhere and in the region. It showed up again and again that on this way quite genuine talents are discovered. But the advertisement in the state gazette is only one option; forum aktiv also wants to speak out. "We want to find a top candidate", muller emphasizes. That is the goal. First calls to the ad he had already received on the day of publication, 3. May, received.That's all muller can say at the moment.
Forum aktiv chairwoman rita schmitt stresses the importance of finding a suitable opposing candidate. She herself had considered running for office "but I can't do it for health reasons", she said on friday. In any case, she is convinced that even a mayor who does not come from the city can learn the ropes quickly and well.

Others do the same
The chairman of the free voters, city councilor bruno schafer, sees in the search for candidates via advertisement a possibility to find a common candidate, after no other candidates from their own ranks have emerged so far. Schafer also says that similar procedures have been followed in other towns and refers to bad kissingen and the CSU. SPD city councilor britta bildhauer buries the initiative because she believes it is important to have an opposing candidate in the 2014 mayoral election. She finds it interesting to look for a candidate outside the office as well."Maybe this one can give new impulses". For her, in any case, it is exciting to see how the reactions to this advertisement will be.
The first reactions from the opposite side are on friday in any case already arrived. Klaus schebler (windheim) announced "new ways" for the electoral list that they will support mayor helmut blank in his candidacy, because scheblers opinion, already a "high-carat mayor is in office".

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