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Westerwelle sees agypt on the brink of civil war

Westerwelle sees agypt on the brink of civil war

The FDP politician called for a kind of "round table" with the participation of all important political forces, so that the country could return to a democratic course. Nevertheless, the military, the transitional government and the supporters of ousted president mohammed mursi are preparing for new clashes.

After one-day talks with the various sides, westerwelle was much more pessimistic than he had been at the beginning. He warned: "an escalation of violence could very quickly lead to a real bloodbath."In egypt, the military overthrew the islamist president mursi a month ago. Since then, there have already been numerous deaths.

Despite a call for evacuation, thousands of mursi supporters held their ground in two protest camps in cairo. Interior ministry urged demonstrators to end their ongoing protests immediately – but to no avail. The ministry then declared that the first steps toward clearing the country had already been taken.

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Police roughhouse around oil tanker off british sud coast

police roughhouse around oil tanker off british sud coast

Seven people have been arrested on an oil tanker after hours of rough seas off the coast of the isle of wight. Special forces had brought the situation on the ship under control and arrested seven people, the defense ministry tweeted.

Police and coastguards had been working for hours around the tanker nave andromeda after it zigzagged and anchored several miles offshore. Minister of the interior priti patel thanked the participants on twitter for their efforts.

"We have been informed that there are several blind passengers on board who have made verbal threats against the crew," a hampshire police spokesman had stated this evening. "No injuries were reported."Local media had initially assumed an attempted hijacking, but according to the BBC, the shipowner’s lawyers ruled this out as early as this afternoon. It was "100 percent not a kidnapping," the law firm tatham& said co., representing the ship owners. It has been known for some time that there are blind passengers on board.

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In search of treasure in the lake

In search of treasure in the lake

For three years now, an adventurous treasure hunt has been part of the "mir machen wos" vacation campaign in maierhof. And so this year, too, the treasure hunters from four to 14 years of age set out to find an unknown destination and finally the hidden treasure.
The starting point was the fire station. Here, the treasure hunters had to look for the first clue that would tell them where to go next. Photos showed the children the distinctive waypoints. The participants who knew their surroundings were clearly at an advantage.
With the accompanying parents, the treasure hunters recovered a bottle of mail in the maierhof bathing pond and discovered clues behind wooden stumps and trees. A lot of sweat flowed before the destination, the spielgelteich near kupferberg, was reached.
But this was not yet the final goal. Some children discovered a box with a skull floating in the middle of the lake. But how should the children and young people get there?? By chance, an inflatable boat of the THW kulmbach was anchored nearby, with which the participants finally sailed to the treasure and pulled the chest with delicious muffins on board.
After the strenuous treasure hunt, the children had a feast of sausages and steaks before taking the boat out for another spin on the pond.
Children and parents were visibly enthusiastic about the action, especially about the boat trip. Thanks to the THW, harald will and matthias wirth for their help in the background and at the barbecue and michael zuber for the adventurous backhauling.

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Good news for households: wastewater rates remain stable in 2019

Water was the focus of the last weitramsdorf town council meeting this year on several occasions. And on monday evening, in the training room of the fire station, there was good news for the citizens of burgen: the wastewater fees will remain stable in 2019.

3.20 euros per cubic meter of discharged wastewater must pay the weitramsdorfer also in the future, this calculation the body unanimously approved. Earlier, managing director heiko geub had explained the fees for the drainage facility: the projected requirement of around 698,000 euros is offset by basic fees of 56,000 euros and discharge fees of around 642,000. With an expected volume of 200,000 cubic meters, the discharge fee remains unchanged. "Taking into account the expected income and expenses and the previous year’s results, we can keep the initiation fee at the same level", said geub. Only the previous year, the municipal council had decided to increase the fees by 55 cents from 2.65 to 3.20 euros.

Canal to become rougher

The second item on the agenda was also about wastewater: with one vote against, the committee voted in favor of extending the combined sewer in the new "hoher rain" development area more roughly than still in september decided to plan. The council thus followed the recommendation of the commissioned engineering firm HTS-plan (kronach), even though there is a bottleneck at the connecting manhole to the existing structure. The office argued that there was no risk of backwater because there were no house connections to the canal in this section, nor were any planned. On top of that, the water management office in kronach had also recommended the canal extension.

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Werder with home victory – gladbach without a chance at 0:4

Werder with home victory - gladbach without a chance at 0:4

This means that the fohlen-elf has been without success at the weser for 25 years – gladbach has not been able to win any of the last 22 bundesliga matches. No bundesliga team has waited longer for a win against a rival team. Bayern loan player nils petersen (37).) put the hanseaten on the winning streak, marko arnautovic (45.), niclas fullkrug (76.) and zlatko junuzovic (86.) completed to the ungefahrdeten victory before 42 100 spectators in the sold-out weserstadion.

"We were very, very active, we didn’t just react, we pressed the opponent non-stop," coach thomas schaaf was pleased with the improved performance of his eleven after the defeat in augsburg. "I’m much happier about the defense," said the coach. "That’s the basic requirement, that you can react so offensively. " His gladbach colleague lucien favre on the other hand was served after the defeat: "it was stupid to get the 2-0 a minute before half-time." The swiss once again recognized: "we see, we have a lot to do."

Lukas schmitz started for bremen in place of the injured clemens fritz (adductor problems), and after just one and a half minutes he beat gladbach’s goalkeeper marc-andre ter stegen with a ball from the left wing that was intended as a cross. For sebastian prodl, who returned from the international match with austria battered, assani lukimya was in the starting eleven, which showed a reaction two weeks after the 1:3 in the away match in augsburg and started with offensive urge.

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Basement character belongs to the past

basement character belongs to the past

"On behalf of our chairman, professor ursula mannle, we would like to welcome you today and introduce you to our newly designed large hall, which will soon be open for our seminar activities." It was no coincidence that the words of michael moslein, director of the banz monastery education center, had a solemn tone, coupled with gratitude and joy.

The complete renovation and modernization of the large hall used for conferences and other events with a bright and, not least, technically ultra-modern concept may well be regarded as a milestone in the recent history of the education center. "You can see what is possible when the leadership stands behind an institution", said member of the bundestag emmi zeulner and praised chairwoman mannle, who was mentioned at the beginning, as an important driving force for the implementation of the successful mabnahme.

Political education

Mannle briefly described the nature and purpose of the hanns-seidel foundation and the obermain site in particular. Today, banz is a widely known conference center. In addition to the other fields of activity, she described political education work as the "core of the hanns-seidel foundation and, referring to the general renovation of the grob hall, added: "it is important that we live up to our educational mission." From the words of the chairwoman spoke great satisfaction with today’s "face" of the rough hall: "the room has become very open now. You no longer have the impression that you are in the basement. Really great success."

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Why a 55-year-old from the coburg district wanted to kill his brother

Why a 55-year-old from the coburg district wanted to kill his brother

Attempted homicide: that was the charge against a 55-year-old man from coburg county. The man allegedly attacked his brother with a butcher knife in november 2017. On thursday, the defendant had to answer to the coburg regional court. The defendant appeared in the trial as a joint plaintiff.

Ten witnesses and two experts

After the trial day with ten witnesses and two experts of the forensic psychiatry of the district hospital bayreuth, one thing is clear above all: the relationship of the brothers is not the best one. Several times in the past there are said to have been verbal and physical altercations. The family dispute had been smoldering for years. The dispute reached its climax in november of last year.

Massive alcohol consumption

Despite the bad behavior, the victim wanted to help his brother and drive him to the district hospital obermain in kutzenberg. The defendant was to be treated there for his mental illness and his alcohol consumption. After the death of his mother, the 55-year-old man felt worse and worse. "There was not a day when he was wet", said the accused.

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This is how coburg’s cab drivers are suffering from the corona crisis

this is how coburg's cab drivers are suffering from the corona crisis

Coburg’s cab drivers could hook the tinderboxes. Since the mabnahmen were imposed, which are supposed to prevent the corona virus from spreading, hardly anyone gets in anymore. But the cab drivers don’t want to simply stop driving and wait for things to get back to normal. "We have joined forces and want to ensure that a cab is available 24 hours a day," confirms michael hollein, says michael hollein on behalf of his colleagues.

Duty goods lifted

In fact, there is such a thing as a provision obligation. This means that the companies are committed to ensuring a seamless supply. But the city of coburg does not insist on this obligation. "We have been offered to waive it", confirms michael hollein. But that was out of the question for him and a large number of his colleagues. "We have joined forces and take turns on the night shift, for example, explains michael hollein. That is, only one company keeps a cab ready. Everyone else is switching their phones to this company. In fact, one vehicle is enough so far. "It goes over all kinds of trips, they have decreased by 90 percent", says mehmet yilmaz. He has therefore deregistered several vehicles with his company’s insurance company. A special regulation for the industry. The vehicles are not registered with the registration office, but only with the insurance company for the time when they are not being used. A chance to achieve at least a small saving on the cost side.

Theater, cinema, pubs, restaurants – all closed. Anything that required cabs to get there and back is just falling away. Even transportation for health care is hardly in demand. Cabs are called – and paid for by health insurance – when patients need to go to surgery, dialysis, chemotherapy. But also in this area many things have been postponed to keep hospital beds free in case the pandemic suddenly spreads. Since vacations are not possible, no one wants to book a transfer to the airport.

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A farewell exhibition

Gertrud glossner-moschk

bamberg without americans? Several generations of burgers can not (yet) imagine this. And yet it will happen. On 12. September after almost 70 years the american soldiers leave bamberg and the u.S. Army closes its garrison.
No sooner are the gis gone than they are a case for rough exhibition: from the 5. Until 27. September, the people of bamberg were allowed to reminisce – and get a little sentimental in the process. The karstadt department store shows 314 photographs from old and new times and a rough number of "souvenirs" on all five floors to the americans. The title is: "american forces in bamberg – photographs from seven decades".

Exhibits from seven decades

There are five proven connoisseurs of the u.S. Garrison who contribute photos and exhibits and who have come together for this joint project: the FT photographers ronald rinklef and harald rieger, the deputy press officer of the bamberg u.S. Garrison, simon hupfer, as well as the long-time u.S. Employee and passionate collector manuela B. Harris and helmut weis. They present items from almost 70 years of U.S. Garrison, including real curiosities that they have saved from oblivion.
Journalist and photographer harald rieger, who has been a freelance contributor to the FT’s local editorial team for many years, has visited the bamberger u.S. Barracks countless times in the recent past and has illuminated and documented all aspects of life and work there, including the return of u.S. Soldiers from the iraq war and reunions with their families, military parades, sporting events, the beauty of the landscape around engineer lake, and much more. It is also documented how the americans once presented a tank as "nikolaus" to the americans dressed up and another time, it was 1982, helped the people of bamberg to clear the snow-covered streets of snow and ice.
In its early days, a highly acclaimed series by rieger entitled "life in the barracks" was been overwritten. In his reportages from the military and above all civilian life of the americans a fulle of pictorial material "jumped out". On the occasion of the departure, he will now present it to the public.
Rieger would also not be averse to making his photos available to a permanent garrison museum, which is currently being discussed in the city – but for which the "small change" is still lacking at the moment missing. The same willingness to keep the memory of the history of the americans in bamberg alive with photos, documents and exhibits – preferably permanently in a museum – is brought by ronald rinklef, manuela B. Harris, helmut weis and simon hupfer with.
But a museum is still a dream of the future. Still it heibt first of all to be content with a department store. And it’s really not the worst exhibition venue: to get the daily visitor frequency of several thousand people that the karstadt-haus in bamberg has to cope with, a museum would have to be open for weeks, if not months.

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False suspicions come to light

False suspicions come to light

The trial against a part-time stewardess was stopped shortly after it began at the local court on monday: the 48-year-old will pay a fine of 2,000 euros for an offense on the ground, and the case was "canceled" for the court after ten minutes, as it is called in air traffic. The proceedings were discontinued.

Professional disadvantages
According to lawyer klaus spiegel, a conviction in the criminal register meant considerable inconvenience and disadvantages for the woman professionally: since stewardesses are also subject to constant checks at airports and have to present their passports, they have to be able to get out of the country.

Accused was a case of false suspicion. The woman wanted to "attach" something to a hunter, who had fought in the open field with her former life companion, with a statement to the police. The two men got into a fight on a sunny april day around noon in the district of wurzburg, because the dog of the walker was not leashed. In the course of the confrontation, the hunter allegedly drove his jeep at the dog owner and killed him.

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