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Official: zschape wanted to talk and kept silent on advice of her lawyer

official: zschape wanted to talk and kept silent on advice of her lawyer

"Yes, she actually wanted to, especially when her grandmother was unwell, to apologize to her grandmother," said the official. She had said, however, that her lawyer advised against it.

"If she testifies, then fully and comprehensively," she said, the officer reported. "She is no one who does not stand by her actions." The BKA officer had accompanied zschape on a transport to jena in june 2012 so that she could see her mother and grandmother there.

Zschape has not yet appeared before the court. On the four-hour drive to jena and back, however, she struck up a conversation with the officers. "It was all done in a friendly atmosphere," the official said. "Time flew by."

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The countdown is on…brazil, here we come!

The countdown is on...brazil, here we come!

"Brazil is a country of contrasts – dream and nightmare at the same time. Sky-blue coastlines and soft beaches, fascinating colonial cities and rugged landscapes, untouched rainforests and dense jungles have enchanted visitors for decades. After just a short stay, the brazilian way of life – O jeito brasileiro – casts its spell on everyone."
(lonely planet "south america for little money")

we are 30 young people from the dioceses of bamberg and eichstatt, who will travel from the 16th to the 20th century. Until 31. July we will fly to the world youth day in rio de janeiro. The trip is organized by the BDKJ (bund der deutschen katholischen jugend) and the archbishop’s youth office in bamberg. In order to keep everyone at home up to date and to experience a little bit of the world youth day feeling, we will regularly publish photos here in the next few weeks and of course report on our experiences and impressions.

Actually it could start immediately. The last gifts (brazilians told us that we should bring nivea products if we want to make our hosts happy) are bought, the vaccinations are done, the preparation seminar is over, the most important words in portuguese are learned and the backpacks are packed (well, at least most of them). Among other things, we will pack our world youth day straw hat, the sign of recognition of the german pilgrims in rio, a "prayer box" with rosary, cross and holy water in miniature, and of course a lot of excitement and anticipation for what will await us in brazil.

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12-Year-old and 18-year-old resisted arrest

12-year-old and 18-year-old resisted arrest

According to police, a resident of leibnizstrabe called the patrol around 03 o'clock in the morning. A young woman went on the rampage in front of her door, even stabbing the door leaf with a knife. When the officers arrived, the perpetrator had left the scene, but her whereabouts were quickly established: she was staying in the neighborhood.

During the personal identification the girl (in the meantime it was determined that she is 12 years old) insulted the officers in an unflattering way. In the end it could be quieted only under application of direct force. A female officer was injured by kicks, but remained on duty. In the further course it turned out that the 12-year-old girl was written out for custody.

An 18-year-old man, who was apparently acquainted with the girl, interfered in the investigation. He also insulted the officers and spat at them. He also put up considerable resistance when his personal details were being taken down, which could only be stopped by using direct force. The subsequent examination showed that there was a warrant for his arrest.

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When everything becomes too much

When everything becomes too much

Sexually abused for years. Bounced. Disheartened. Paul schmidt (name changed by the editors) was still a child, just seven years old, when a member of the family started doing it and wouldn’t let go of him. For years he put up with it, he put up with it, he said to himself: "he does this to me because he likes me very much." For years he tried not to let it get to him, tried to ignore it when his own parents saw him only as an "additional glutton at the table" insulted.

But at some point the end came, he suppressed everything, suppressed himself from all this, as if in a kind of protective mechanism. Schmidt could not remember anything, he did not even know that there was anything to remember at all. Until his 35th birthday. In his second year of life, when everything suddenly changed and all his childhood experiences caught up with him again in the form of post-traumatic stress disorder. Alcohol excesses and drug addiction were the result. Schmidt then lost everything: his job, his wife and his children. "I was treated like the last dirt", the 46-year-old recalls. Today he gets a pension.

He was married, had two children, had his own house, was a member of the national martial arts team, and worked his way up from nurse to deputy department head in the intensive care unit and instructor in the nursing station. "I worked, worked, worked. Always wanted to give the best performance. Today I know that it was the hunt for recognition", says schmidt. Several herniated discs in his back put an end to his happy days. Despite four operations: the pain remained, but did not stop.

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Hammelburg’s ladies celebrate staying in the class

Hammelburg's ladies celebrate staying in the class

TV/DJK hammelburg – ASV veitsbronn 3:2 (25:23, 25:17, 10:25, 19:25, 15:9) – the start of this match was rather bumpy because of many reception errors. Only in the middle of the set did the team wake up, with christine fell and eva frank serving leaves. At 23:23, the lower franconians showed nerves of steel with the lob from fell and the block from melanie meder.

The second start was almost like a walk of the saaledamen. Service aces from christin heim, melanie meder and christine fell love veitsbronn to collapse with 10:20. "My girls have implemented the service strategy two and a half sets to one hundred percent", according to otter, who had previously analyzed the opponents’ weak points of assumption. After the 2:0 after the first set the concentration and the fighting spirit of his madels was gone. At times there was a lack of bite, while the team from central franconia made the most of their physical superiority at the net and scored points for their part with a series of serves. Two sets were quickly gone, with TV/DJK regaining their composure in time at the end of the fourth set.

Whoever expected the famous fight on the knife’s edge in the tie-break was disappointed by the saal ladies. From 3:3, heim and meder took over the reigns. While heim fired off dangerous statements, meder had a firm grip on the opponents in the block. At 9:3, a small preliminary decision could be traced. Veitsbronn was so out of it that there was hardly any danger from the opponent. Nevertheless, the guests fought off the threat of defeat energetically from 14:6 onwards, before the TV/DJK coach made a final fine-tuning to his team during a time-out. Finally, the last point was scored by britta lohneib, who played an excellent game in the eagle attack. And almost unintentionally. She just managed to get her defensive ball over the net, which finally fell into the field between the stunned guards of veitsbronn. "Class preservation achieved two days before the end of the season – what more could you want?, according to otter. Scd

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Contemplative moments with modern composers in the st. St. George’s church

Contemplative moments with modern composers in the st. St. George's Church

By our contributor johanna blum

hochstadt – gabriel konjaev, wolfgang forst, katharina heilmann and reinhard doring provided moments of calm and contemplation in the middle of the old town festival bustle in the cool st. St. George’s church in hochstadt. Since 1997, this organ concert has been a permanent fixture on the sundays of the old town festival at 5 p.M.
This time it had a special meaning: it was a belated birthday present of the hochstadt organist team for dean kilian kemmer.

From bach to eben

Therefore, wolfgang forst, in the name of all organists, buried both the dean and his high guest cardinal brandmuller from rome, who is currently undergoing rehab in erlangen, as well as the numerous audience that appeared. "The program we have put together – from bach (1685-1750) to petr eben (1929-2007) – is a symbol that the church stands on tradition, but is open to the present and the future", so forst. The organists had chosen – apart from johann sebastian bach – only modern and contemporary composers.

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190 Decisive seconds

190 Decisive seconds

With the order "group of the voluntary fire department stadtsteinach lined up for the performance test" the water performance test for the two groups of the stadtsteinach fire department began on saturday. The task was to completely set up a firefighting attack within a time limit of 190 seconds. From the traffic safety over the start-up of the hydrant for the water supply of the own fire engine up to the construction of altogether three fire lines every hand movement had to be correct, nevertheless, one wanted to emerge in the fight against the stop watch of the referees as a winner.

For the second task, the so-called suction hose coupling, in which with the coarse fire hoses (inner diameter 11 centimeters) a suction line between the vehicle and an imaginary water had to be established, the group was allowed to take only 100 seconds.

A total of ten active firefighters took part in the performance test, including three female firefighters, who were in no way inferior to their male colleagues in the exercises. Before the two main tasks, the candidates had to prove that they had mastered their basic knowledge of firefighting. It was necessary to tie the required knots and to know where the requested items of equipment are located in the loader vehicle.

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Tourism advertising once and today

Tourism advertising once and today

"Welcome to the valley of the french saale, to the world of hiking on the sunny side of the rhon river! You can escape the charm of vine-covered slopes, flowery meadows, crystal-clear brooks, secluded forests and castle-crowned heights?", it was written more than 30 years ago in the brochure "frankenweinstadt hammelburg". Sounds familiar? Yes and no.

"Many guests come for the wine. They are connoisseurs – like to taste, compare talk shop. Others are gourmets who appreciate above all the culinary side of viticulture. And still others discover in hammelburg that wine and its culture are more than just grape juice", it says today in the brochure "hammelburg – the oldest wine town of franconia". A comparison of the two brochures reveals what the city has made of itself over the past few years.

On the surface, everything has remained the same: landscape, winery castle, hikers and cyclists – the photos show the same motifs as always. Naturally, people are dressed differently. The cyclists wear helmets and functional clothing and not turtlenecks. The headphones of a walkman on the ear were nowadays also not the evidence of modernity.

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Storm covers roof of workshop in beutelsdorf

Storm covers roof of workshop in beutelsdorf

Storm niklas kept helpers and police on their toes on tuesday. At 9.30 o’clock the herzogenaurach fire department had to go to a storm damage in the hubertusstrabe in the district of beutelsdorf. Here the strong wind had completely covered the workshop roof of a carpenter’s workshop. The firefighters present had their work cut out for them securing the roof in the pouring rain and hurricane-force winds so that no further damage could be done.
What is still standing of the workshop is in danger of collapse due to the storm damage and is therefore more than in need of renovation, said owner gunter fischer. Some of the machines that were in the workshop were also affected by the rain. According to initial estimates, the damage amounts to several thousand euros. Fischer has not yet been able to put a figure on the exact amount of the loss.
Another victim of the storm was a hunting pulpit. This stood in a clearing below nankenhof. The wooden pulpit was dismantled into its individual parts and, according to werner mundl, the person authorized to hunt, has only a heating value. The damage here amounts to about 500 euros, since the pulpit was as good as new.

The hochstadt police had only a few calls for service because of fallen trees. No one was injured, the damage was limited.

Erlangen-stadt police department reports storm damage. A 64-year-old driver was driving along the weisendorf road in a southeasterly direction on monday when a tree suddenly fell in front of his vehicle on the road. Without being able to react, he drove over the tree trunk, causing considerable damage to the car. Fortunately, the driver did not suffer any injuries other than shock. The healthy tree was torn out of the ground along with its roots due to the strong gusts of wind.
The storm also triggered several police and fire department operations in erlangen on tuesday morning. Due to the strong gusts of wind, several trees and branches fell onto roads and carriageways, in some cases obstructing road users. No persons were injured. In one case, a parked car was damaged by a falling rough branch. A parked trailer was caught by the wind and flung against a parked car. In addition to a demolished advertising sign, a blown-down construction fence was also a victim of the storm.
The area of neue strabe/catholic church square in erlangen had to be temporarily closed because roof tiles fell from the church roof there. In addition, a sandstone cross of about two meters in size had broken off the church tower and was threatening to fall off. The cross was recovered with the help of a crane from the nurnberg fire department. This required a full closure of the new road in the area of the catholic church square. Traffic was diverted via the loschgestrabe during the recovery work.

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45 Dead in shipwreck off libya

45 dead in shipwreck off libya

Among the victims are said to have been five children. The two organizations call for an immediate review of the incident and an expansion of search and rescue capacities on the ground.

Some 37 survivors – mostly from senegal, mali, chad and ghana – were rescued by local fishermen and arrested on arrival on land, according to IOM. According to their reports, the ship's engine had exploded off the coast of the northwestern town of zuwara.

"We fear that many lives will be lost if rescue capacity is not increased," UN refugee agency (UNHCR) spokesman charlie yaxley wrote on twitter. Non-governmental organizations should be allowed to operate without restrictions.

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